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Content writing is a good job. One can earn a handsome amount of money by doing the job. Realizing the fact, now many people want to be a content writer. But at the beginning of the work, they face many problems. In this writing, I will describe what kind of problems a new writer face at the very beginning of their writing career as well as I will show the way of the solution to these problems of content writing.

At first, I will point out the problems:

There are so many problems they face at the very beginning of their writing. These problems are:

  • They can’t decide what type of writing they should write.
  • From where they can get elements for their writing.
  • Where they will post their writing?
  • How much they can earn by writing?

Generally, a content writer work in an organization or an online marketplace. To be a content writer you have to be interested in writing. Besides, you have to have a good idea about the internet and technology.

At a glance about a content writing

  • Title: Content Writer, Content Developer, Content creator.
  • Category: Any industry, but predominant in media and marketing.
  • Organization: Private firm or freelancing.
  • Career type: Entry, Mid
  • Key Skills: Ability to write attractively, research skills, and online writing skills.
  • Salary: At the entry-level: Your salary will be fixed depending on your work and experience. Generally the entry-level salary stats from $1oo.

Let’s learn details about a content writing job:

  • Where does a content writer generally work?
  • What kind of work does a content writer do?
  • Which type of qualifications are essential for being a content writer.
  • How you will be a good content writer.
  • What amount can a content writer earn in a month?
  • Which type of career of a content writer will be?

The answer to the first question where will content writing work?

Generally a content writer work in the following fields.

  • A content writer work in magazines and journals;
  • Online portals and commercial blogs;
  • Advertising agency;
  • Online marketplace;
  • Now various TV channels publish different types of articles on their online versions besides news publishing. They collect these contents from freelance writers.
  • If you want to work independently you can choose the online marketplace. For instance: you have the opportunity to work on Fiverr and
  • Nowadays many organizations create content for branding them. They normally publish this content on social media and online.


What type of work you have to do for content writing?

The main job of a content writer is to write. You can write on any subject according to your choice. But before writing on any topic you have to read much about that. If you have enough and clear ideas about the topic only then you can write a good article on that. So, to increase the quality of your writing you have to study much about the particular topic. You can enrich your knowledge by reading books and at the same time, you have the opportunity to learn about the topic from the internet.


Content writing can be of different types depending on the type of writing. E.g.

  • Brand journalist: Writing about a business organization or brand;
  • SEO Copywriter: Writing articles that are easy to find on Google and other search engines;
  • Social Media Witter: Writing content for social media like Facebook, linked in.
  • Advertising Copywriter: Copying advertising;
  • Technical Writer: Creating content on any technical subject.

Besides, you can write in some specific industries like traveling. If you like traveling then you can take this topic for writing.


Educational Qualifications: If you have completed graduation on any subject, you will get advantages for getting the job. If you want to be a journalist in television and print media, it is better to study journalism. However, since it is a creative profession, it is possible to get a job based on previous experience and quality of writing


What kinds of skills and knowledge does a freelancer need to have for content writing?

If you want to write in English, you have to have a good knowledge of the English language and grammar.

You have to have the ability to write in such a way that

  • The readers can understand easily.
  •  The quality to bring diversity to your writing.
  •  The habit of writing fast in the correct spelling.

If you want to write on a technical subject, you have to have sufficient knowledge of the subject.  You need to long term study on the subject. For example: if you are a student of history, you cannot write on medical technology.

To work online you have to have a good idea of the content management system and search engine optimization (SEO). If you have proper knowledge of it then your acceptance will be increased a lot as a content writer.


How to be good in content writing?

The most important thing in content writing is to read a lot. Besides, you have to research and practice writing much. If you want to bring variation in your writing, you have to have to make a habit of reading books of different authors and different subjects.

The internet is one of the most important mediums of learning the work. At present, many online education platforms offer free online courses and certificates in writing. Moreover, some institutions provide diploma courses on outsourcing.


How much a freelancer can earn monthly by content writing?

The earning of a content writer varies depending on the organization and the job. If you work on online portals like or Roar Media, you will be able to earn based on the quantity and quality of your content.

As a freelancer, your income will depend on your experience and the quality of your writing. An expert writer can earn up to $15.oo per hour. An expert content writer can earn $42,000 per year.


What is the future of a content writing job?

First, you have to join a newspaper or an online portal as an entry-level writer. Then you will be promoted to a

Senior writer and sub-editor. According to your performance once you will be an editor.

If you work in an advertising agency, you have the opportunity to get the position of Marketing Manager or senior copywriter after 4-5 years.

In the case of freelancing, the position does not matter. However, if the portfolio is very good, job opportunities come in big organizations


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