How to make money with blogging?


How to make money with a blog – is a common question of many freelancers. And my question to the freelancers-do you want to lead a boss-free life? Do you want to make money with a blog?  Do you want to start blogging? If your answers are yes,  then blogging is an appropriate profession for you.

Why do you want to make money with a blog?

Because blogging is a free profession. There is freedom of your work. You can lead a boss-free life. Besides, there is a great opportunity for building a handsome career. So, here you have a great chance of earning a lot of money by blogging.

But for this purpose the common thoughts are:

  • From where you will start your blogging (platform for your blogging)
  • How to choose your niche?
  • What will be the name of your domain?
  • How will buy hosting for a domain name?
  • How to install the blog on the domain?
  • How to design your blog?
  • How will you write your first blog?

In this guide, you will not only get an answer to these questions but also you will be able to know how to start a blog to make money from today. So take a cup of coffee and read the article to start your new journey.

From this article, you will not only find the answer to your questions but also you will be able to start your journey as a blog writer. So, to start a new journey as a blogger you should read the post attentively.

 The main steps for starting Blogging.

  • What will be the topic of your blog post?
  • How to select a blogging platform?
  • How to choose the domain name and hosting for your blog site?
  • How to install WordPress in your blog?
  • How to design the blog site?
  • How to install the best plugins in WordPress?
  • How to write the first blog post for your site?
  • How to upgrade the quality of your writing?
  • How to monetize your blog?
  • How to be a master on it and to be your own boss?

How to start blogging without experience?

You may have either little knowledge on blogging or don’t have any experience of blog writing! No problem. You will be able to write a blog within a very short time. And this blog will be better than most other blogs on the internet. So, read the article carefully to learn the process of how to make money with a blog.


Selecting Platform for a blog site

First, you have to know that in which platform you want to blog. Because there so many platforms for blogging like WordPress, Zoomla, Magento, etc. Because every person has their individual opinion about choosing the platform.

Most of the bloggers generally choose the WordPress platform. The use of WordPress is very easy. And this is the main reason for choosing the platform. And for these 3o% websites in the world are powered by WordPress.

After selecting a platform for your blogging you can start to do meaningful work. But before that, you have to be clear about and WordPress blog. One is self-hosted and another is hosted by WordPress itself.

You need a self-hosted WordPress   ( That means you will install WordPress in your own hosting and you will have a master domain. This is an easy process.

Then you have to learn about the niche. That means you have to select the topic for your blog.

You should not work with all types of topics. Because working with many topics is not the right way to earning from blogging.

You need not be a master of all things. Rather you have to gather much knowledge on a particular topic. Because, if you want to write on a different niche, the writing will not be fruitful. The readers do no take the website as an authority site. So, you have to learn the method on how to make money with a blog properly

Besides, Google likes such a type of website which is built on a specific single topic. And the visitors also like to subscribe to the website which is built on a single topic.


Now, it is the big question, how will we get a suitable topic?

Here are some tips that will help you find your topic.

  •  You have to choose such a subject which you know more and in which you have great interest. You should select such a topic on which you can speak for more than one hour spontaneously.
  •   It is a good idea for choosing your topic that you like to read with great interest.
  •  You should make sure that you have a great interest in the subject.
  • The newbie can use a pen/pencil for selecting their topic. And the experienced can write on motivational speech, fashion, technology, finance, scientific research, baby care, health tips. You should select such a topic on which you write without reference. However, for this purpose, you can draft 20 topics and select the best one.


This is the most important part of starting your writing. If you can select the right topic, it will inspire you to write the article for your blog.

  • It will make you `feel better about writing the article.
  • You have to choose such a subject which you like most and you want to talk about that. You will see that you do not feel any boring at the time of writing. In this way, you can earn some money from writing an article.
  • You have to choose a place for writing your new blog.
  • You have to write a niche-based article. Because niche-less articles cannot compete with the article which is niche-based.
  • In fine, you should take an important step in choosing a suitable topic.

A domain name is the most important part of your blog’s success. What is a domain name? Actually, a domain name is a URL of a website which the visitors use to open the site. For example; is the URL of this blog.

When you will blogging on or platform, you will get a URL like or

You may want to know what the custom domain is. The custom domain is like To get the custom domain you have to pay 10/12$ per year. I will tell you later how to buy a custom domain and hosting. 

There some rules for choosing a good domain name for a blog. Some of them are pointed here.

  • You can like the .com domain name.
  • Select such a name that is easy to pronounce and typing.
  • Your domain name should not be confusing to listen to.

You should be creative to select the domain name. For this purpose, you can follow the above mentioned three rules and you should not do the following things at the time of choosing the domain name.

Don’t select a very long domain name for your site. You should keep using less than 12 characters for your domain name.

Don’t choose the .net, .info, .xyz domain extension. Rather, try to use a .com domain extension because it is easier for ranking your website in the search engine.

Now it turns to install your blog on the hosting server. The server is a very important part of a website/blog site. Because, all of your data like text, images all are preserved here. So, you have to purchase a hosting service. Though there are so many companies that are ready to provide you a hosting service, I will recommend you buy Bluehost.


The reason for choosing Bluehost

  • Easy to use cPanel.
  • Free SSL
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free domain name


To buy Bluehost hosting go to then click on hosting and then click on Get Started. Select the basic plan. Then fill-up the form and pay the price through credit/debit card or PayPal. In such away, you can complete your purchase.

After completing payment, the Blue host will install WordPress in your domain name.  Your blog will be ready within a very short time. It will be done automatically and help the beginner to do the work hassles free. However, this process will be clearer if you watch the video on this topic. It will help to use the Bluehost dashboard.

Again as a newbie, you should learn how to install WordPress theme, plugins


How to setup WordPress Themes

After completing the installation of the WordPress platform, you have to install a nice theme for your blog. There are so many themes. They are both free and premium. You can use a free theme for your blog for the first time. But I recommend you to use a premium theme for your professional blog. Because from a free theme you will not get 100% facilities of the theme.

Again at the time of choosing a theme, you should give importance to its design. Because good design attracts visitors. So, to ensure the presence of a good number of visitors in you, try to impress your visitors with a good design of your site. You can use Astra theme, Genesis, Super mag theme for your blog for getting the best result.

For installation a theme you have to go to the dashboard. Click on appearance and the theme. After that click on add new and write the name of the desired theme in the search bar. Click on the install button of the expected theme. After installation click on the activate button of the theme. The theme has installed successfully in your blog. To see the appearance of the theme click on the visit site. You are now seeing a nice template for your nice blog. So, start to decorate your blog with nice content.


How to install Plugin

Plugins are supplement software for WordPress. There are thousands of plugins for WordPress. These are the vital element for the blog. Generally, plugins make easy the usage of the blog both for the visitors and the bloggers. It adds some extra facilities. Though there are thousands of plugins are used for WordPress, some of them are commonly used for the blog like:

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast
  • Akismet
  • ShortPixels
  • W3 total cache
  • Jetpack by

Before starting your blog writing you have to make a plan for the content. For this, you can also us a Trello content planning board. It will help you to make a plan properly for your content.

This Trello board has a checklist that will help to compose the perfect article. To do the work click on the ‘More’ button, at the right sidebar, and then click on the copy board.

 Write down all the content in the article’s ideas. You may also create an outline for your content.

You should do this in one sitting and next time you can write the content.


There are some tips for writing the first blog

At the time of writing content, you have to imagine that the reader is sitting in front of you. You should also write the article in a first-person tone. Because a single person will read your article.

You may also share some videos in your blog from YouTube

You have to create some important pages like About Us, Contact Us, and Privacy Policy in your blog.

About Us: In this page, you have to write details about yourself and about your blog.

Contact Us: In this page, you have to create a contact form. For this purpose, you can use the plugin Contact form 7 or Jetpack contact form.

In this way, you have completed your blog posting, and now your first blog alive in your site. But, this is not the all rather you have reached to face another problem. The problem is -how to drive the traffic on your site. You may have heard about SEO. But, this is not only one issue. You have to index your site in 24 hours.

There are many ways of getting traffic in your newly created blog. Some of the techniques are described below.


The way of promoting a blog

After establishing a blog you have to publish it in social media so that the readers can easily know about your blog.

You just need to start a blog. You need not stress on it for its promotion. I just need to have a Facebook page, Twitter account, and Instagram account, etc. So, you have to learn how to create these pages and accounts.

Now, start to earn money from blogging in an easy way:

There are many ways of earning money through blogging.

The most popular ways of them are:

  • Google AdSense
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsor Ads
  • Direct ad selling
  • Selling own digital products and services.

SEO for your Blogging:

SEO is an advanced and important part of ranking your blog. But many newbies do not concentrate on the SEO. And it’s their big mistake.

SEO helps to drive traffics to your blog site and ultimately helps you to earn money. There are three main parts of SEO and they are:

  • On-page SEO: Keyword placement, quality content, Meta description, Meta tags, etc.
  • Off-page SEO: Getting backlinks from other websites.
  • On-site-SEO: Indexing the website

The importance of social media

Social media has great importance for improving your blog ranking. Google plus is the best social networking site for improving your web rank.

Besides these user experiences also play a vital role in your blog ranking.  The user experience includes website design, site loading, readability, and so on.

If you have done all the above-mentioned tasks, you will start to get organic traffic from social media sites which will help to improve your blog rank.

From the very beginning of blogging, we expect someone who will guide us to do the work properly. Though we don’t get such a person there are many resources for giving you a solution. When you will face any problem then you can get a solution from forum sites. From question-answer sites etc. Because there are thousands of people there to help you.


 FAQ’s about blogging

Question: How to earn a beginner from blogging?

Answer: Beginners can earn money from AdSense, affiliate marketing.

Question: How many posts have you to post per day?

Answer: You should be regular with respect to posting. You can post one content daily. But if your content is large (more than 2000), you can post 2-3 per week.

I hope that this article will quench your thirst for learning the pros and cons of starting a blog writer. You are invited to read my next blog.

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