Learn Graphic design step by step?

Graphic Design
Graphic design is commonly used to create beautiful and quality images using design. We generally see advertising for different companies in different newspapers. This painting is graphic design.
Once upon a time, these paintings were hand-painted. And now the same thing is being done on the computer through some software, which makes the images more vivid. The most notable graphic design software of the time are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.
The present era is the era of globalization. In this globalization, human beings’ jobs, business, and income patterns have changed. Now, a human can make a lot of money by using internet technology remaining at home. And this is called freelancing. Many people at this age want to choose this freelancing job as a profession. This article is written to discuss some of the strategies to transform their desire to be real.
Graphic design is one of the popular means of making money through freelancing. And the demand for this graphic design is increasing day by day. A professional graphic designer can easily earn a thousand dollars a month. There are many works of graphic design are available in the marketplaces. So those who want to enroll their name in the freelancing profession can learn the work of graphic design without any hesitation.
Now, this question may arise to your mind what kind of works are available in Graphic Design. Then the answer to the question is -the following works of graphic design is more available in the marketplace:
  • Logo Design
  • Business card design
  • Banner design
  • Poster design
  • Web site design
  • Sticker design
  • Image editing
  • Photo retouching


Some personal photos of a country or company that are used to carry the identity of the country or company. As you can tell by looking at a picture of a mobile company, whether it is the Grameen Mobile Company or the Banglalink  Company. This is how a logo carries the identity of a company. So a logo is a very important element for a company.
Now, you need to know how to create this logo. The logo is usually designed using Adobe Illustrator software. So, first, you need to know the use of all the tools of Illustrator. Then to learn the logo design, you need to look at different company’s logos with Google search and get ideas about the logos. And to design a logo for a company, one must always keep in mind that your design is consistent with the company name. One also needs to know the client’s ideas and preferences when designing. Then you can easily create the logo according to the client’s needs.
After designing the logo when you will submit it to the client then he may ask you to change some part of the design. So, every time before submitting the design you must leave a backup file. Otherwise, you can get into a lot of trouble later. So be sure to keep the file backed up.

 Other works of Graphic Design

Graphic Design does not mean only logo design. Rather, it is a part of graphic design work. There are many types of works including business card design, banner design, poster design, website PSD template design, flyer design, background remove, photo editing, book cover page design, billboard design. To work online, you must first learn the basic rules of graphic design. After that, you have to choose one or two types of design to be an expert on those designs.

How to learn Graphic Design

There are many ways of learning graphic design. You can also learn by doing an online course. You can also learn it from an institution. However, in my opinion, one should take his basic course directly from an institution or from an expert. Because there are some problems with leaning from online courses or video tutorials. For example, if you get stuck or don’t understand something, no one will help you. But learning directly from someone will not be the problem. Then, after learning the basics you can learn the advanced level tasks by watching the video tutorials or youtube videos.
Finally, I would say that graphic design is very easy and fun. Once you find this interest, it seems like I do graphic design all the time. However, it may be opposite to you, if your instructor cannot teach you in an easy way. That means if he cannot explain the method of learning easily then it will be considered to you very tough task in the world. You can see my tutorial by going to the link. Hopefully, graphic design will be very easy for


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