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Strategy for skill development in career formation

In order to save lives, we have to choose some kinds of work as a livelihood. And this chosen task is called a career. And to build a beautiful career we also have to be efficient on that task. For example, a doctor has chosen the profession as a career. Now its a question, are all doctors equally successful in their profession? Are all doctors’ incomes equal? No. The more successful one will be in one’s profession, the greater the skilled he will be. So, skills and careers are two interrelated things. Therefore, one can build a bright career only when he will acquire good skills in the medium of his career. In this article, I would like to talk about some of the skills development strategies for career formation. 
Another example is that a student may have taken a job in the marketing department after graduating on a general subject. But at this point, it would not be fair to call his career marketing.  Because after one year, he may have taken a job in a sales or sales department or an accounting department at another company. Thus after a few years of work, he can decide which department he will be proficient in and subsequently make his career or take a higher position in that regard. At this point, he will go through one of the first and major steps of his career. So we can say that for a career we have to work at different stages. In this case, we have to decide later which method or subject can be  chosen as the career
Career planning is one of the best ways to make that decision. The more a person can plan his career from the beginning, the sooner he can reach that goal. The key to career planning is to have an idea of success.
What are the key points to success:

  • Common sense
  • Complete knowledge about yourself
  • Confidence
  • Intelligence
  • Ability to work
  • Leadership
  • The ability to learn from mistakes
  • Creativity
  • Proper speech patterns
  • Be concerned about others
  • Fate


Those who achieve the above qualities are the ones who are successful
These qualities are not inherited but can be achieved through work. Thus, you have to know about yourself and see if you have these qualities:

  • Sympathy
  • Humor
  • Courtesy
  • The skill of acquiring  trust
  • For career planning, you have to set some goals.
  • What you have to do for that:
  • set your goals
  • Write the goals on paper
  • The goals need to be specific
  • The goals should be classified according to their importance.
  • Remember the goals regularly


You can apply SMART the technique to reach your goals. Here the explanation of the SMART.

  • S= Specific
  • M= Measurable
  • A= Achievable
  • R= Realistic
  • T= Timeframe


You have to know some more points for success.
SEE factors is one of them. Let’s learn the elaboration of SEE
  • S= Smile
  • E= Eye contact
  • E= Enthusiasm


Here are some instructions for being a success

  • positive attitude
  • Maintaining a positive outlook
  • BE punctual
  • Be prepared
  • Be aware of your own goals
  • Keeping that in control
  • Working properly
  • Completing the work


Another important factor for career planning and success is time management. You must know the time management. For this, you have to do the following things?

  • You have to record your daily tasks.
  • Determine how much time you are spending on average in each task.
  • Find out the average amount of time needed for each task
  • Now decide how you will spend your time will.


Time management can be a turning point in your life if you can apply it properly. Before going to bed each night, write down your to-do’s on a paper tomorrow and write down when to do it around. And spend your spare time on other tasks.
Another important factor for career planning is workload management. At present, this matter is given very little importance. If you cannot reduce stress, it will be a hindrance to your career. We are growing up in many negative environments is very important for us. What we need to do to reduce and manage stress:
  • Have faith in yourself
  • Avoid those negative people
  • Easy to accept everything
  • Keep those head cool
  • Maintain a positive outlook at all times.

Meditation can often reduce our stress. So, we should practice it regularly.
If you focus on the above, you can easily plan your career. Because career planning is the right decision for you. You can take advice from someone else but you have to make your own decision. Never let someone else’s decision be imposed on you.
To build a good career you need to develop your skill. You have to be skilled in many things. It is not right to think that you have to be master on one thing. The more skill you have for achieving success, the more you can move towards a beautiful and successful career.
Naturally, the question arises, which skills must be developed. The skills that must be developed are:

  • IT
  • Communication
  • Management


Communication skills: How you can present you beautifully to another person is your communication skill. That is, how you make you attractive to others through your words and behaviors.

To be proficient in communication skills, you need to practice the following topics: for example, use your general knowledge and intelligence all the time.
You need to increase your confidence and try to improve your mood. Participants in the speech or debate completions. Even you can improve this quality by speaking with your friends.
Be aware of your dress and wear such type of costume which you like most and what others like.
Avoid your bad habits and be careful about your nails, hair dryness, and other pathogens.
Practice talking in front of a mirror talking to friends and avoid regionalism as much as you can.
You need to have skills in management to make your career beautiful. If you can show your skill in management, you will easily catch the eye of others and you will gradually reach the top of your career. What you need to do improve your management skills is:
 You need to practice leadership qualities. But you cannot be a leader if you thought yourself as a leader. For that, you have to have faith in yourself and have a mentality to lead.
If you undertake any task, you have the mentality to complete the task properly. If you leave a task half done feeling difficult, you will realize that you are lack of management skills. If a task seems difficult, you have to figure out how to do it the other way. Who can help you with this and so on?

Time Management

Time management is one of the main topics of management skills. Besides, gaining people’s trust is also a management skill. Your courtesy will help you to gain trust.
You have to have the skills to learn right from wrong. At the same time, having a sense of humor will help you become a better manager.

It Skills:

If you do not know the computer at the present time, you cannot be called educated. It sounds bad, but it is true. Again, this does not mean that you will be highly educated on the computer. IT skills mean you need to know how to write letter letters or documents using a computer and print those nicely. You need to know data management and make a presentation using a computer. Apart from this, you need to know the internet well. In addition, if you know the hardware and maintenance of the computer, you will complete the main steps of IT efficiency.
Lastly, the more you can master the skills mentioned above for career planning, the better your chances are.



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