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A high school student is giving the final exam. An hour has already ended. The rest time is only two hours. The body of the student is in a deep sweat. His hand is shaking for this reason he can write well in the exam. He knows all the answers of the question paper. But still, he cannot write.
The exam time is over. The boy made many requests to the invigilator to allow him some more time. But, the teacher didn’t listen to him. He took the answer script. The boy stood in shock. He was having trouble believing that his results would be too bad. Good results with what he has written in the exam, far away, it will be difficult to pass.

When the result of the test published. The boy saw that he could not pass the high school exams. His teachers were also surprised. As he is the most courteous, attentive, and talented student of the class. They could not accept the result of such a talented student.

What is the main reason behind the bad result of this boy?
Now, let’s get to the main event. The main reason for the boy’s bad outcome is his handshaking. He has been suffering from this disease for some time. Due to a hand problem, he was unable to write properly. The doctor said it would take some time to recover.
The boy is helpless today.
For failing in the exam, almost everyone considered him a bad student. Even those who knew about his problem, they also scold him telling him that he should at least pass in the exam. So long that the boy was proud of his relatives and teachers, they are now busy hiding their shame today! This result made his life aimless.
That’s the rules of the world. Everyone wants to see visible results. It is not just in the college-university examination, but in all areas of life, one is judged with visible results. So, it is seen that if someone secretly gets a job with a bribe, everyone praises him. On the other hand, a virtuous student, despite all the qualifications, simply becomes a man of ridicule to the people only for not getting a job.

In the story I mentioned above, the boy has no fault of his own. He was the victim of a circumstance. This can be the case of you. However, the important thing is – even before the test, the boy knew that he would not be able to write. Yet he gave the test. He tried his best. Yet he is a failing young man in the judgment of people.

Now let us see, the judgment of the great Almighty Allah. His judgment is not like that of a man. On the last Judgment Day, there will be seen many prophets with only two followers. Again there will be prophets, with whom not a single follower will be present. Though those prophets who came to the earth to invite people to the right path, but did not achieve such a visible result. Yet in the judgment of Allah, their dignity will be much higher. God will give them this status because of unlimited patience and effort.
When you do not get good results on the job, business, or academic exam, do not be discouraged. Continue your task with honesty, patience, and effort. If these three qualities are in you, then you are a successful person. Whatever the result of these three qualities that are the real result. You have to accept it and move forward. Try to listen to what your conscience says. You see, the conscience is telling you, ‘If you achieve any result through dishonesty, it will hurt you for a lifetime. As well as it will be the cause of your punishment for the next world.


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