Excess tension may ruin your life

One day a professor entered a class and asked his students – What is the weight of the class I hold in my hand? Some said 50 grams, Some said 100 grams and the rest of the students said 150 grams. The professor said I do not know the weight of the glass. Because I  haven’t weighed it.

This time he asked the students – Well what will happen, if I keep this glass for a while? Then the students said that nothing will happen. Then he again asked what will happen if I hold it for a few hours? Then the students said that your hand will be in pain. Then the professor again asked what would happen if I kept this glass for a few days? Then the students said that your hand would be numb. You may become paralyzed.

 Then the professor became a little pleased and asked why this would happen? Glass will not change. Then why does the hand become pain or numb?

This time he explained to the students that there are some concerns in our lives. There are some problems. If we think about it for a while, it won’t be too much problem. But if we keep thinking about them hour after hour or day after day. Then it can ruin our lives. Our life can be meaningless.

As long as there is life, there will be some problems. So if you think about that problem all the time, your mood will be broken. You cannot concentrate on your work. That will be the biggest obstacle to your success.

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