How to learn Facebook marketing ?

Earnings from Facebook (Class 1)
One can earn  500 to 1,000 dollar in a month from Facebook marketing.
How is revenue from Facebook?
Does Facebook pay? No Facebook doesn’t pay. But the companies will pay you when you will post the advertisement of their products in the Facebook pages. Because by publishing the advertisement of their products you will help to increase the publicity of those products.  
What is Facebook Marketing?
Facebook marketing means promoting a brand or products through Facebook? Facebook is one of the biggest platforms for promoting a business. Because it has more than two billion users.
Many entrepreneurs make a lot of profit by promoting and selling their products only through Facebook. To advertise on paper or TV, you have to pay for paper or TV. But on Facebook you need not pay any money to promote it. This requires only some Facebook professionals.
If a company wants to promote worldwide. Then they can do it globally. Again, you can reach in a certain area. These professionals will target a certain country and promote it. People from those countries will see these ads while browsing Facebook. Then they will be interested to buy them. The more people are shown ads and product descriptions, the more people will buy the product. As a result, the company will be benefited greatly.
Suppose you work for a car company. Then you have to learn the job of Facebook marketing very well. Then you have to advertise the vehicle through Facebook. The company will give you a job. You will write product descriptions of the vehicle with various advantages and then promote them through Facebook. In this way, you will be able to reach the ads of the products to millions of people in a month.
Why advertise on Facebook?
Advertising can also be done through TV paper, billboards, etc. However, anything through Facebook goes viral very quickly. TV, the paper aired nationwide. But Facebook can be promoted worldwide. Companies that want to export their products. People who want to do business worldwide. They promote through Facebook marketing. The reasons are:
More Facebook subscribers.
Cost is low.
Can be preached to the educated class.
Customers can be convinced easily by writing in details on Facebook pages.
Why Learn Facebook Marketing?
You can earn in many ways by learning Facebook marketing. You can also work in a foreign company.
Freelancing market places.
In many ways your income will be generated from many sources.
It allows Lifetime career.
You can work inside and outside of the country.
By learning Facebook marketing you can earn a handsome amount of money. Sometimes this amount may be more than a doctor’s earning. But, for that purpose you have to learn the work of Facebook marketing very well.
At first you can’t make too much income. You will gradually learn the task. The company will increase your salary by satisfying your work. When a company gives a good rating, it will be advantageous to get a job in another company. When you get a lot of work you no longer have to do it yourself. Then you can get the job done by hiring a manpower. And then your income will be multiply.
Income source
Outsourcing in Marketplace.
Facebook Page Sponsor Ad.
Domestic and foreign companies.
Affiliate, CP Business, Business Help.
What do you mean by marketplace?
Marketplace refers to the websites where the vendors leave their jobs. And the freelancers do the work and submit it to buyer and receive payment in exchange.
Popular Marketplaces are:
Freelancer etc.
There are 3 (three) hundred marketplaces like these.
How do you get a job in a foreign company?
If you search fashion house in the USA on Facebook then many of the USA fashion house’s Facebook page will come. You will access the Facebook page and from there collect the company email, website, etc. You will then send your CV to the email. By sending CV to ten companies, at least two companies will respond.
Now come to the domestic company. You will also have to send a CV to the local company. Working in a local company does not mean that you have to work in the company office room. You can do your work at your home. You have to contact the company and tell them that you can bring a lot more likes to their company page. You can promote the product through Facebook marketing.

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