How to solve your Facebook problem?

Those who use Facebook, they suffer from a common problem. And it is Facebook group problem. You may notice that you are in such a group where you don’t want to join. So, you try to leave from the group. And at that time, you notice that you are joined in hundreds of such unwanted groups. What will you do then?
To leave from such group you have to enter many times in those groups and spend much time. It is boring and time killing factor. Again sometime you may see many people have sent you friend request. If you want to accept all members separately then also you have to do the boring task repeatedly.
Now I will introduce you with a tool which will help you to do the above mentioned work in one click. For example: publish your all posts and accept all friends request with one click. You can do all the tasks easily through an extension of Google chrome browser. But you can get the facilities only in computer not in smart phone.  
What is the name of the extension?
Name: Toolkit For FB PlugEX
Add on Google Chrome: Toolkit For FB

What is is the Function of Extension?

The meaning of extension is expanding, widen, and broaden, adding etc. We generally we use Google Chrome or Firefox browsers. To get some more facilities we use extension in these browsers. In chrome it is called extension and in Firefox it is called Add on.

How will you add an Extension in Chrome browser?

  1.  First of all open your Chrome browser. The follow the screenshot to set up an extension.
  2.  Write “Chrome web store” in search bar.                                                       

  3.  Then you will get a link for chrome web store. Click on the link. Here you will get a search box. 

  4.  Write the extension name in the search box. 

  5.  You will get the expected extension. Here you have to click on the button “Add to Chrome”

  6.  You will see a dialogue box. Here you have to click on the button“Add Extension”                                                                                                                                                        
  7.  And the extension will be added to your browser and you will see an icon of the extension at the top right corner.

Why should you use extension?

You can get some extra facilities by using some extension in your browser. Different extension provide different services. For example you can get the full screen shot of a web page by using a special extension.

What can you do using extensions?

  1. Add Facebook friends as a group member.
  2.  Accept or reject all Facebook friend requests.
  3.  Automatically click all share buttons on Facebook.
  4.  Activate a licence
  5.  Automatically send birthday wishes to your Facebook friends.
  6.  Backup joined Facebook group list.
  7.  Backup liked Facebook page list.
  8.  Backup your Facebook friend list.
  9.  Cancel all pending friend requests on Facebook
  10. Delete all visible comments on Facebook.
  11.  Invite your Facebook friends to like a page.
  12.  Leave multiple Facebook groups.

How can we use the extension?

There are so many tools here. But I will discuss only tool here. You can learn the use of all tools by reading the documentation. If you learn only one tool’s use then you will be able to use all the tools easily. Now, I will show the system of canceling friend request which you have sent to others.

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