How to Buy Bluehost Hosting and Domain for your blog site?

Bluehost hosting – is the most popular and reliable hosting site to the website/blog site owners. 

You may ask me, why? 

In this writing, I will tell you the reasons for choosing the hosting. Hope that you will remain with me till the last word of the writing. It will show you why Bluehost hosting is a reliable hosting provider site.

Why do you need a hosting:

If you want to start your career as a blogger, you have to create a blog site. And for creating the blog site, you have to buy a domain and hosting for your site. In this post, I will show you the way how to buy the best hosting like Bluehost hosting in an easy way.

What kind of hosting do you need?

Many new bloggers make the great mistake by purchasing hosting from the unreliable hosting companies and they are to suffer much for this wrong deed later. To give a clear conception about it I am writing the steps of getting an authentic domain and hosting from a reliable source. So, follow this guideline for purchasing a hassle-free domain and hosting.

bluehost hosting

 Recommended Hosting

For the article purpose, I will buy hosting from Bluehost hosting company which is a recommended and reliable hosting company. Besides, you will get a domain without giving an extra charge for it.
Not only that you will also get the opportunity of managing everything from one place.

You will get another free service and that is a free SSL certificate. You will have another chance to upgrade it to PHP 7.0
So, I suggest you follow the guide and purchase the hosting from Bluehost hosting company as well as get a free domain name.
Before buying the hosting you have to do some task and learn some term as preparation. 

 1. What is a domain name:

A domain name is nothing but your online address where your blog site/website lives.

If you will buy the hosting from Bluehost hosting company, you will get a free domain. And if you have another domain for a website then you can use the free domain later for another website.
As the domain name is the most important element part of a website, so you have to choose a domain name first. If you have not chosen any domain name, then you can use the free service like NameStation or LearnDomainSearch or BustAname for choosing the right and nice domain name.

2. Payment Method for Bluehost Hosting and Domain

For purchasing a web hosting and domain name, you can make your payment through credit card, debit card, or PayPal. You have to have any of the payment methods. If you don’t have any one of the three, you can also buy it from a third-party who will buy it for you using the method.

Some essential information for purchasing the domain and hosting

I recommend you to follow the guideline for purchasing the domain and hosting. For this purpose, you have to read the following two guidelines. From here you will be able to learn many basic things about the purchasing. It will help to save money and choose the right domain and hosting.

 Follow the following steps for purchasing a hosting plan 

To star, Go to the Bluehost hosting company website and then click on “get started now”.

This will take you to a page where there are three different packages are available. You can buy any one of the packages according to your requirement. But before that, you should know details about the three different packages. Though I will explain all the three packages, you can read the guide to get a deeper understanding of the offers of the packages.

My Suggestions

  •     Basic: Run only one site
  •       Plus: Run more than one sites
  •    Prime: It’s essential for him who is a guard

 Different Price for different packages

As the price of Plus and Prime is almost the same, so you can also buy the Prime package. If you host only one site right now, you have the opportunity to host unlimited websites in the future. 

How to use the free domain of the Bluehost hosting company?

After choosing your plan, you can either use the free domain or you can use your other existing domain.

You should remember that you can use your free domain later if you don’t need to use it just now.

However, you can also claim your free domain later when you need. For this just email Bluehost’s customer services, they will help you to get that.

If you want to want to use the free domain name, you have to put the domain name in the “new domain” field. And your free domain will be activated with the hosting.
You have to click on “next”. Then you will find all the steps are very simple.
In this form, you have to enter all the information as it is wanted.
You have to make sure to verify with your email address. Your login and domain-hosting information will be sent to your email address.

Pay extra attention during choosing  Bluehost hosting packages

This is the crucial part and so you have to pay extra attention here to make sure that you are not overcharged for unnecessary add-ons.
You should choose your hosting package for 24 or 36-month term. Because you have noticed that if the duration increases, the price decreases.
You have to deselect the “Site Back Pro” and “Site lock Security” option. Because these are not essential for you.
Before making payment, you should scroll up and check all the information once again.

Payment process for Bluehost Hosting

Though you will get the default option to make payment via credit card only, you have the opportunity to make payment via PayPal. For that you have to click on “more payment options” and you will get the option for making payment via PayPal.

After making payment, you will see the sales page.
At the end of the page click on “no thanks”.
Then you will see a confirmation for your hosting package purchase, and you will see a page like the following.
In this page, you have to click on the button “Create your Password”.
Now, you have come to the final stage of your domain-hosting purchase.

How to use a password?

You may choose a password, or you can use a password generator to generate a complex password. Then have to copy the generated password and paste it in a safe place.
So, click on “Create”, and that’s it!
Open your email inbox, you will see there a confirmation email and login information for your web hosting account.
Go to and click on the ‘login’ button.
In the login field, put your domain name or username and the password.
Click on “submit”.

Bluehost Hosting Dashboard

Now, you are inside of your Bluehost Dashboard. This is optimized for WordPress. Now you have to learn-
If you follow the procedure mentioned in this writing and the above two articles, you will be able to purchase the domain and hosting successfully.
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