Learning Graphic Design in easy way

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Graphic Design 

Drawing is a very interesting work. It is a favorite hobby for some persons. If your favorite job becomes your earning source, it will be the best source of your pleasure too. No doubt, you will be a happy person in the world. Because you can continue your work with great pleasure.
Graphic design is a very attractive job for me for all time. From this attraction, I started learning  Graphic design online. But at the beginning of the learning period, I felt some problems like

  •           Where will I learn?
  •            What will I learn?
  •           Are there any reliable institutions?
  •           What will the expenditure?
  •          Will, it be learned really?

Now, I am telling, how did I start my learning Graphic Design? There may remain many good institutions. But I could not get myself admitted there for some problems. Besides, the cost of learning was also a fact for me. So, some elder brothers suggested me to learn graphic design from the internet. First I thought it won’t be possible for me to learn. But, there is no alternative option for me to accept learning from the internet. I started learning from video tutorials and content on Graphic design.

The demand for Graphic Designer

The graphics world is a large world. It can be said that there is no end of it. You will see many Web designer. But in comparison, the number of Graphic designers is less than them. Do you know the reason? I think one needs more time to learn Graphic design than web design.  It is difficult too. Besides, there is a matter of creativity in it. 

How will you start?

How will you start learning Graphic design? I started to learn Photoshop first. Then I learned Illustrator.
You may ask this question- how you will learn such big software remaining at home. The answer to the question is- you can learn it by watching a video tutorial or reading article on Graphic design. However, a video tutorial is better than the article because in such a tutorial you can see the process practically.

Video Tutorials for learning Graphic Design

If you want to learn Graphic design professionally, you have to watch the standard video tutorial. For this purpose, you have to learn English well. Because most of the standard tutorials are in English. Though it seems to be very hard for the first time for those who are weak in English, this problem will be solved very soon. Because your listening power will be improved gradually.

Listening Power

Again, you can improve your listening power by watching English movies. In this way, you can improve yourself in an interesting way. So, try to learn through entertainment. You have to learn English anyway. Because there is no alternative to learning English in the freelancing world. You have to understand the speech of the tutorials. You have to have the ability to realize their words at least 80%. Otherwise, you cannot go forward. you cannot understand the English tutorials for learning graphic design.

Great Patience

Then you have to have great patience. If you have no patience, it is not for your job. You should give up learning. Because, without this quality, you cannot be successful. However, sometimes it will seem very boring task. You may be frustrated. If you feel such problems, take an interval. Refresh your mind and then start to learn again. Hope that you will be succeeded in learning graphic design
Great Passion
Passion is a very important thing for achieving something. So, if you want to be a Graphic designer, you should have this feeling. As you are learning it remaining at home, no one will tell you to give attention to the work. So, what you want to do, you have to do yourself.

Good PC

A well configured computer is essential for Graphic design work. Otherwise, you cannot no do the work properly. It will take much time. So, to be a professional graphic designer you have to manage a well configured computer.

So, now you can start learning Graphic design. For this purpose, you can see the tutorials of lynda.com https://www.lynda.com/.

You can see the Photoshop CC Essential Training for Photoshop learning.

And you can watch the Illustrator CC One-on-One Fundamentals.
However, you have to practice at the time of watching the tutorials.

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