How to Take Preparation for Data Entry Job?

How to Take Preparation for Data Entry Job?

Generally, it is said that ‘data entry’ is the easiest work among online jobs. You can do the work if you can type. This is right. But, the work is not as easy as we think. It will be a hard task for you if you do not have experience in the work.
For doing the typing work, you have the knowledge on Microsoft word software and skill on typing. You have to type correctly. And your earning will depend on your typing speed. If you can type fast, you can earn much proportionally.
To take preparation for being a professional data entry worker you need to know the followings:

Learn Microsoft

Word processing and Microsoft word are the synonyms for each other. Most probably you have to submit your work in a word document. So, learn the function of Microsoft word properly.

Practice Typing

It is not so easy task to type seeing the document as we think. Before communicating for work with the clients, first, you have to justify yourself- how fast and how correctly you can type. Correctly typing is the most important fact. Because if you cannot type correctly, you will not get money. So, first try to type correctly and then try to increase your typing speed.

Type Maintaining Rules

You must have noticed that the professional typist work looking at the writing of the source. They do not look at the keyboard during typing. If you type looking at the keyboard, your speed will be decreased.
To make the typing easy, the letters of the keyboard are decorated systematically. If you notice, there is a mark in the letter F and J. You can identify those when you will touch it with your finger. You have to keep your two index fingers on the two letter and the rest three fingers have to keep on the three letters by the side of the two letters. These are called the home key. In this way, you can use all the key easily. You have to use all of your fingers of the two hands. There is some software for developing your typing skill. You can develop your typing by using this software.

Work Practically

There are some learners who practice using software continuously. But the reality is- if you do not type seeing papers, you cannot achieve the practical skill. After practicing for a little period using software, try to type seeing a paper.

Make Your Habit of Using Numeric Keypad

Numeric keypad, like calculator, is kept at the right side of a keyboard for typing number. If you need to type number, you have to use it for accelerating your typing speed. So, develop your skill on it according to the type of your work.

Regularly See the Work on Job Site

See the work on different job sites like Freelancer, up work, Guru, People per hour etc. Try to gather your experience seeing the type of work, description, amount of money, proposals etc. and prepare yourself accordingly.

Take Preparation

If you really want to do the data entry job, do it after taking preparation. The demand for the work was in past, is in present and will remain in future.

Payment System

You may have the question -how much one can earn from the job? The answer to the question is very complex. Generally, from two dollars to six dollars is paid for one hour. But practically the calculation is confusing. While one can type 5oo words in one hour, at the same time another one can type 1500 words. This two-person cannot earn the same money. You will need much more time for typing name, unknown words, and number than general text.
How many words can be typed in one hour this is criteria for calculation of earnings. Suppose, three hours is required for typing ten pages documents. So, if you work contract basis, you will get the payments for the ten pages. It doesn’t matter how much time you have worked for the job.
Again, if you work for an hourly basis, your time will be calculated by using the software. How much time you will work, you will get the payment for that time.
Which method is profitable for you, it depends on your skill and comfort feeling.
Hope that this writing will help you little to know about the Data Entry job. To know more about the job you can read the article.

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