How to make money with Google AdSense ?

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How to make money with Google AdSense?

A person has earned millions of dollar from the internet using Google AdSense. You may have heard such news. The example of such persons who earn five to ten thousand dollars per month. Hearing such story it seems that creating a website if you add AdSense, thousands of dollars will come to your pocket.
Yes, one can earn enough money, it is true. Similarly, there are some chances of misinterpretation about AdSense. If you really want to earn from Google AdSense, you have to learn the following aspects.
First, know- why it is said in such way.  If they say that you have to work for 5 to 6 hours per day, you have to write an article for month after month, you have to write such article which will be read by visitors with great interest and for that purpose you have to read 2/3 hours for improving your writing, in this way hundreds of articles will be uploaded in your site. Only then you will be able to earn money. Then you would not feel interested in the subject. Because people want to earn much money but they don’t want to do work. So to make people interested in Google AdSense, it is said- use AdSense and earn much without industry.
You can earn without investing money. It is partly true. You will get elements free for creating a website, you will get web hosting free. You need not to spend money on getting AdSense advertisements. Only adding some codes given by them is enough.
But the reality is you have to work for getting visitors to your website. If less than 1oo unique visitors visit your website in a day, you will not be able to earn sufficient money. Because your earning will depend on your visitors. 
So, first learning for earning from AdSense is-nothing can be achieved without industry.

It will be cleared when we will know how Google works. Google has a project named Adwords which want to promote their business on the Internet through Google. This is Adwords. Google does the work by giving their link in different websites. This is the function of AdSense. You will get an advertisement by using AdSense on your website. If someone clicks on it, Google will get money. And you will be given a part of the money for using your website. Only Google knows the percentage of the amount that they provide the website owner. So, if you want to earn money from AdSense, tell yourself-it is your business. And you have to have the mentality to work hard for the improvement of your business. 
You have to concentrate on it with great patience. You have to create a blog on your interested subject. You have to try to improve your site by working month after months. You have attracted the visitors to visit your site. The number of visitors, the more the possibility of earning much.
You should not think in such a way that your earning will start just after launching a website.
You have to take an idea about the function of blogging.
You have to create a blog/website on which people have much interest. By analyzing each article and each article Google tries to learn how much and what type of visitors visit your website. Then they decide, what type of advertisement they will put on your website. So, try to improve the content of your website. The possibility of your earning much will depends on the rank of your website.
Try to learn about the site with which there is a similarity of your site. Search by writing the keywords of your site and see which site is on the top. You can write a review about the site and you can put a link to the site in your writing. As a result, they may also send visitors to your site.
Different sites are applying the different method and give suggestions. For example, you learn from
There some websites which work for sending your website or blog on different websites like,, etc. You can promote your site with these websites.
Search is there any forum site on the subject of your site. Write your comment there along with your website link.
Promote your website with social media like Facebook, tweeter.
In essence, you will be able to earn much money from AdSense if you take it as a business and work for it accordingly. It may need up to a few months to use your information submitted in a search engine. So, do not do hurry to get the results.

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