How to earn money on the internet: Using Google AdSense?

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How to earn money on the internet: Using Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is one of the effective methods for earning money from the internet. You know that Google is unique in the field of search engine. It is a summit institute which earns much money from advertisement. AdSense is a part of advertising from the internet.

It is very natural of arising the question-what is AdSense? In one word- it is a method of keeping advertisements on the website. You must have seen some link of which side it is written that Ads by Google. These are AdSense advertisement. You have to do registration in AdSense for getting advertisements on your website. After that, when a visitor clicks on any link then you will get money as owner of the website. You will get money from a few cents to a few dollars for each click. You can earn from hundreds of dollars to a thousand dollars in every month. You will get the result immediately.

To know how to work AdSense you have to have some more knowledge about some terms/matters like Goodge Awards. If any company or a person want to publish advertisements on the internet using Google then he has to contract with Google about the duration and the amount of money for each click.  This is a function of Awards.

Suppose a company contract with Google for advertisement of their product. And for that purpose, the company have to pay ten thousand dollars per month. And they will not provide more than one dollar per click.

Then Google sends the ads to different websites. If you are a member of the AdSense, you may get the ads on your website. And when visitors click on the link then the dollar will deposit in your account on the basis of per click. You will get the opportunity of knowing the deposit of your account. And after one month Google will send check to your address.

Here it is a noticeable fact that even the company don’t know where their ads will be shown. And you will also not be certain that which ads will be shown in your website. As the rate of per-click is different for different ads. So, your earning will also be different at the different time. You will be able to know the rate of per click by seeing the report. When you will be experienced then you will be able to choose the high rate ads for your website. But it is not necessary for earning more to get a high rate link. You can earn much money from low rate link if the visitors click more on low rate link. 

Let’s know how to do the work. For this, you have to have a website. If you don’t have a website then can start it from now.
1.     Create a website going to It is a very easy process. Only a few clicks are needed for creating a blog site in For this, you need an email address.

2.  Choose a template as your liking. You will get different kinds of blogger templet in different sites. You need not to do it at the very beginning of blogging. You can change the template in any time for enhancing the beauty of your site.

3. Start to writhe blog in your site. On which subject you will write? It’s your wish. If you like to play the game the write the review of the games. If you like the movie, you can write about the movie. There is no lack of subjects for writing around us.

4. Open an AdSense account. You will get the link on the blog site. Here you have to fill up a form with the required information like the name of your site and address of your site, your own address where they will send the check and so on. You have the option of selecting the advertisement type and the place where you like to show.

Some general information is discussed here:

1. Your earning depends on clicks. Thinking that you should not click by yourself again and again. Because Google can identify what is your click and what is visitors clicks. In that case, your AdSense registration will be suspended.

2. Making a good website is a good way of getting more and more visitors. And you have kept such content in your site on which the visitors have great attraction. You should not forget that Google is mainly a search engine. They know better than others where the visitors visit and how much time they remain the site. So, don’t try to cheat them. So, don’t keep dissimilarity between the publicity and the main site.

3. Write your blog site address in different search engines so that visitors can get your blog site by searching. Increase the publicity of your blog site by submitting in different social bookmarking sites.

In brief, these are the main task. You will learn much gradually when we start to do the work. Then you will learn how to increase the visitors in your sites. How can you increase your earnings by advertising?

2.     You will get the advertisement on your site according to the subject of your site. For example, if your site is on books, you will get the ads of book-related. If your site is about photography, you will get the ads of camera, producer and the sellers. Use such type of keyword on which visitors have interest and put information like that.

3.     Google is a good platform for starting without money. You have no expense. In spite of that, you should have your own domain name and host for long lasting. In that case, you can use WordPress, Joomla etc. Blogger is the easiest method but the customize facilities the WordPress and Joomla are more than

4.     I would like to inform you some essential information like you need not to pay any cost for creating a blog with WordPress but here the advertisements of Google cannot be published. And there is no free hosting of Jumla. Besides, blogger, there are some sites provide free hosting facilities. Tumblr has achieved the most popularities among them.

5.4. Generally, advertisements are published for selling (product or service). You will be benefitted only when the visitors click on advertisements. But the people of Bangladesh generally don’t click on advertisements. And the possibilities of getting a click is reduced. So, I recommend you to create your blog in English for the people of the whole world.

6.  You must have the curiosity to learn it that how much time is required to earn a little amount of money from this blog site?
It is a very important question. There is no magical aspect in it that you will be able to earn thousands dollar overnight. You have to try for two or three years to improve your website. It can be said that you will get the fruits from it. So, you had better start to do the work without any delay. You will be able to learn the rest of the website with the passes of time.

To know about AdSense you can read the article.


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