Best Free Hosting for WordPress for 2019

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Best Free Hosting-Host Inger

We all who browse the internet have a dream that we will have a website of our own. To fill this dream the thing we first need is domain and hosting. The easier to buy a domain, dissimilarly the harder to buy hosting. If you search on the internet you will get thousands of hosting provider sites. And some of them are free and reliable. On the contrary, some of them are very harmful. Because it is their only business to steal your valuable information and to make you helpless.
Again, there is another problem that it is not possible for all to purchase VPS or Reseller hosting spending thousands of dollar for hosting their sites. What will you do then?
I had also been suffering from this problem. However, I have got a site named Host Inger UK as the solution for getting relief from this big problem. You can use the free hosting- Hostinger. The server of the hosting is in the UK. Its service is satisfactory and the main advantages of the company are totally free. I haven’t got any downtime till now. Then, why are doing so late to use this free and reliable hosting?

Let’s see the offer of the free hosting company:

  • Webspace: 2 Gigabyte
  • Bandwidth: 100 Gigabyte every month! (Free)
  • Website: Unlimited
  • Auto Installer: 5o
  • FTP Support: Available
  • My SQL and PHP Support: Available
  • Subdomain: Available.
  • Email account: Available

Since you are getting so many facilities without any cost. Why are you doing late to sign up in that free hosting company?
Sign up immediately and make a website or blog site.
You can log in with your Facebook. It is an excellent advantage of their service. You need not to confirm your registration separately.
After login, click on free hosting and start to make your favorite site. 

To go to this site click here.

Free Hosting Site-Bytehost

Are you thinking about hosting site? Are you feeling hesitate to take a decision about the hosting site which one you will buy? Then the article is for you? I am going to introduce you with a reliable free hosting site which name is
At the very beginning of making a blog site, many of us choose the free hosting site. But, after learning the job or when they see a huge number of visitors are coming to their site then they decide to shift their site from the hosting site to a paid hosting site.  Because there are some problems in using a free hosting site like:

Disadvantages of using free hosting

  •   Some sites have a good host but there is no option of using the paid/free domain.
  •   Some hosting site’s server speed is very slow.
  •   There is the limitation of using PHP/Database file.
  •    Basically, free hosting sites frequently offer 10/20 hosting free with unlimited or 100 GB. Actually, these are their valueless alluring offers. Because why they will give you free service as you are a free user. Where they have a service charge and maintains expenditure.
  •  To block IP on a trifling matter and to fill up a captcha for visiting the site is a big problem.
  •    Insufficient customer care service.

·    Though some site is good, you have to take help from the third party for using WordPress.
However, due to all these inconveniences, most of the users give up free hosting. And receive paid hosting. But I will tell you about a free hosting which is very workable. In spite of all the advantages, there was a little lacking in it.  There was no cloud facility as a hosting. But, this problem has been solved. Again the site is more popular than another free hosting site. It is also positive from the side of Google/Alexa.
Yes, friends. The URL of the free host is –
Let’s see the advantages of the Byte host at a glance.

  1.         It is a reliable hosting. They provide paid and reseller host besides, the free host. This company is doing their business since 2005.
  1.         All the servers of the company are cloud hosting. Most of the servers’ location is in USA and UK. Byte host is using the same place from where Host gator and Host papa are using their server.
  1.         At the earlier stage, they only provided free host. But then there was a limitation of their function. Then only the sub-domain can be used. As a result, one could not use their desired domain. But, now they have changed their policy.

      Now, the available facilities of the company are:

  •         1000 MB (one gigabyte) Disk space
  •         FTP account and File Manager
  •         Control Panel
  •         Free tech support
  •         MySQL database & PHP support
  •         Add-on domain, Parked domain, Sub-domains
  •         Free community Access (Forums)
  •       Clustered Servers
  •       Not ads!
  •       https SSL on all free hosting domains, (Self-certificate)
  •       Here you can add 5 domains as a paid domain. Besides, you can do a  domain park domain freely.
  •   50 GB bandwidth is free with 1 GB hosting. The server is certainly cloud hosting. So, it can be said that it is better than other free shared hostings.
  •  To upload WordPress is their panel/host it was required to take help from a third-party utility. But now they have added soft clouds methods considering the user’s facilities. As a result, you can install WordPress or Joomla with a few clicks.

There is a 100% security of per day / weekly backup. Your site will not slow down or over.

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