Advantages and disadvantages of Free Hosting Sites

 Advantages and disadvantages of Free Hosting Sites

Advantages of Free Hosting Sites?

It is very easy to create a website with free hosting sites like blogger ( You need not to learn much about the blogger. You can add AdSense easily here. On the other hand, there are many softwares including WordPress where the process of adding AdSense is not so easy. Because to add AdSense to this software you have to register your domain and hire a server. However, you will get some extra facilities for this software. Therefore,  it’s very natural to ask the question -which one is the best.

Though you have to spend some money on your domain and hosting, you will get some facilities from the paid hosting system. You can do many things using this software which facilities are not available in blogger. For example, if you want to add a message board in your site, you cannot do it with blogger.
Besides, as blogger provide free service. So, it is not obligatory for the blogger to give the service for all-time. They can delete your site anytime. As they have no responsibility, so you have nothing to tell them. 
So, if you want to earn money using AdSense, consider it as your business and use own domain and hosting.

Start with a Free Hosting Sites

To gather experience you can start your site with blogger. Later you can shift it in other software like WordPress, Joomla etc.

Disadvantages of Free Hosting Sites

However, the free hosting service is also risky. Because there is such example that many small hosting service provider companies have closed their business. So, you have to take the service of the reputed hosting company. So, you have to know about reliable hosting companies. You can get the information about the renowned hosting company by searching the internet.

 How to create a website with free hosting sites?

You can design your website by a website designer. Then you can use it. You can use some extra feature on your website. For this purpose, you need to have some skill and experience. Because you have to update and operate your site. So, you have to learn something about the operating website.

Free Hosting for WordPress

If you use a ready template, it will be easy for you to use CMS software like WordPress and Joomla. You will be able to change your template according to your choice only by learning a little about HTML and CSS. If you want to know more about the template, you can learn the Coffee Cup or Dreamweaver. Besides, there are so many softwares for building a website easily. To learn about the free hosting sites list you can visit the post.
Earning form AdSense
Then! You have made good choices for earning from AdSense. You have to register your domain, uploaded that in a server. Now, you have to register your site in AdSense. For this go to the site of AdSense and fill up their form.

In the next part (last part), I will discuss the type of AdSense advertisement and its advantages and disadvantages. 

To learn more about AdSense information you can read the first part and second part of my writing about Adsense. 


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