Why should we learn Photoshop?

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Why should we learn Photoshop?

Photoshop is called the standard industry for photo editing. Its use is somewhat different from other software. And that’s why many learners cannot realize how to start. Even after reading books and watching video tutorials one thinks there is a gap in learning. So, to solve this problem there some reliable tutorials on the internet market. For instance, you can learn it by watching tutorials of Lynda.
Let’s discuss some questions about Photoshop.

The first question is why do you use Photoshop?

What is Photoshop? You may not know the appropriate answer. But, you have a little knowledge of Photoshop. Even the people who do not know the use of a computer, they also have some idea about Photoshop. It shows how popular the Photoshop software is! In one word, Photoshop is the number one software for image editing. Though, when we want to express it in one word, it cannot make our conception clear. Because it again raises many questions in our mind. Like what is image editing? Who does the image editing? Why the image editing is so essential?

A graphic designer uses Photoshop for designing an advertisement, leaflet, newspaper, magazine, book cover, poster etc. Which are shown on TV, which are kept on the internet, and which are printed all are the production of Photoshop.
Those who work on video editing and animation, they also need to work on the image part in Photoshop.

Web designers use Photoshop to do the image part of their website. Photographer edits their image with Photoshop. If you do need neither of these two you can learn it as your hobby.
You may have noticed that your photo does not look so clear like a photo of a renowned newspaper. They use a costly camera and they are a skilled photographer. Besides they use Photoshop to edit the photo.
Again, if you want to gift a card on the occasion of wedding, birthday, ‘Eid festival. If you want to use your favorite color or flower on the card or if you want to put the image of your favorite person in flower image. Then you can do that through Photoshop.

If you want to think about a big task like a digital painting then you have to use Photoshop.  Photoshop is everywhere like print, web, multimedia, video. In one word, Where is an image, there is Photoshop. 

 No doubt that Photoshop is a good software. You can do your work nicely with the software. At the same time, you have to keep in mind that its use is not so easy. There is much software for image editing which usage is easier than Photoshop. But they are not so enriched like Photoshop. Actually, Popshop is a suitable software for the professionals.

So, if you want to get the best result with the best software then you have to spend some extra time, labor. One can be expert in Photoshop by trying year after year. If you have no eager to do that then it would be better for you to choose any easy software.

Which Version You Will Use?

At Present the latest version of Photoshop is Photoshop CC. You may ask, is only the latest version is inevitable for you work or the old version will do? The answer to the question is -you may use any version. But you will get some extra features from the new version which will help to do your work more easily. But, you have to remember that new version requires a more powerful computer.

Generally, they use old version who work of painting. For instance, Marvel, the most popular comic designer use version-3 or version-4. If you ask your familiar designer then you would know that they use an old version. In most cases, they use version 7. So, it is not mandatory for you to use only the latest version. However, you won’t get all the features in the old version which is added in the latest version.
So, try to use the latest version. But if your computer is not powerful enough then you can use an old version. You can do almost all the essential works.
Photoshop can work same in Windows and Mac. So, first, you need a computer of windows or Mac operating system. And install the Photoshop software on your computer.

The new version Photoshop software is a big software. So, you need a computer of the strong processor, enough space in hard disk, and enough memory. If you need to buy a new computer then you should buy a computer of a speedy processor, enough memory, big size monitor and a good graphics card. You need a good mouse for perfect work.

 You will also need a scanner if you want to use an image from paper. Besides, you will need a camera. The digital camera is more useful than a film camera. If

If you don’t have all the above-mentioned devices, you can start your work only by installing Photoshop on your computer.

Hope that you all will be a skilled graphic designer.

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