What is the color temperature in design?

What is the color temperature?

We have already known about properties, Tints, Shades, Tones of color. Now, I would like to discuss the color’s temperature.
Hearing this probably the temperature of your body has increased. Because many people will say- what is the relation between color and temperature? Will we need to use the color melting it with fire? This type of thinking is not unnatural for those who are new. But many of us know a little about it. To terminate this problem I decided to write about color temperature. Hope that it will help to improve your idea about the color temperature.

Different Temperature

If you are new in this sector, you will be surprised knowing that every color conveys different temperature. There is a special relationship between these colors and human beings’ emotion. Let’s use our imagination and float in the sea of imagination. Close your eyes for a while and first look at the sky, then look at the green grass, big mountains, sea, and ice. Again see a burning house. You will see that every element has different color and different brightness. Some color has more tints and some color has less shade. Some color has much de-saturated and some color has much saturated. And every environment creates different feelings. For example, if we look at the sky then our mind becomes cool. Again, when we see the burning house, our mind becomes unstable and unhappy. 

Let’s see the following two images:

Seeing these two pictures ask yourself. Do you feel any temperature? Number 2 image is of an icy environment. The icy area is very cold that means the temperature is very low.  Number 1 image is of a draught affected land like a desert. You can see the burst of soil for high temperature. Have you understood anything? You may say that you have understood the environment is cold and hot. But what is a relation of it with the color? See the color deeply of the second image. The color is very near to blue. And the color of the first image is like red and orange. Hope that you have got what is the relation of color with temperature.  
color wheel image

So, we can divide the colors of the color wheel into two parts. Like- the blue color is cold type color and the red color is hot type color. Hope that the matter has cleared.
Do you think that the discussion is over? No! The above discussion was only for the people who know little about color. Now, let’s discuss in advance level.  

Warm Color: Warm color means a hot color. When red color is mixed with yellow color then we get a new color. And this new color is called warm color. In the image, notice the part of the warm color. Here the part is started with 100% red color and ends with green-yellow color.


Example of warm color: Robi (Burn with own strength), Airtel (Attraction of love draw one near) have selected red color for their logo. Because Robi has told people to be burned with own strength. And burn is the symbol of warm. The mixture of yellow and red indicate warmth. Only red too indicate warmth. Thus, Airtel uses the red color in its logo to express the warmth of love. Such warmth color expresses love, passion, heat, joy, power etc. Besides, the yellow color expresses happy, joyful, cheerful, remembrance,  gold, extravagance, energy, riches, traditional, warmth, change and so on. So, if you can design maintaining the color theory, you will get a good rating. 

Cool color: Blue color is the symbol of cold color. This color is used to indicate the cold environment. It also indicates for mind refreshing and peaceful environment. Now, I cannot remember more than these. I generally use my sense at the time of designing. You can learn more about it from the internet. If you need to learn the color meaning the write Cool color meaning in Google. Then you will learn much about it from Google.

Tips: Red color indicates warm and the blue color indicates cool. From green-yellow to red, all express warm. On the other hand, from purple to green-yellow indicates cool color. The colors of the color wheel are divided into two parts. (i) warm color and (ii) cool color. Generally blue, green and light purple color is called cool color. And the deep purple and yellow-red are called warm color.

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