How to optimize a blog ?

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How to optimize a blog?

Placing the right keyword in right place is an important part of search engine optimization. If a blogger can place the important keyword in right place then undoubtedly the number of visitors will increase. Because a visitor use keyword to find his essential thing in the search engine. Based on the keyword search engine algorithm shows the result of website/blog site. In this case, if you can use the right keyword in the right place then the search engine get the website according to the quarry of the search engine. So, I am writing about the very common and easy matter.

Be attentive on the following fact for writing article

Most of the blogger doesn’t give attention to the matters. For this reason, in spite of having good content in their blog, they don’t get sufficient traffic from the search engine. I am trying to present some easy techniques for you.

Keyword in title

The most important part of a blog post is the title tag. The search engine gives the most important of the title tag. Besides, we see the title tag on the top in the search result page. Seeing the title we visit a blog site.
So, if you can make a title with the most important keyword, it creates an opportunity to increase the visitors on the site. At the time of writing a title, you have to see that the title should be consist of 60-70 words. Because the search engine does not give importance to an extra-long keyword.

Keyword in Meta Description

The search engine gives priority to the Meta Description after the post title. When a visitor searches any subject in search engine then the search engine searches the Meta Description beside the post title. In this case, if you can put the right keyword in Meta Description then it creates the possibility to come to your posts on the first page of the search result page.
Thus, you have to create your Meta Description tag with the important keyword maintaining the similarity of the subject of your posts. However, you have to keep in mind that the Meta Description doesn’t become similar to the Title. Because, if it becomes similar to the title then it will not bring any significance to the search engine.

Keywords in Headline

Generally, different Heading Tags like H2, H3, and H4 are used in a blog post. These heading tags play a significant role in the case of search engine optimization. When you will write a para then you can write a heading tag of the para with the important keywords. Because the search engine gives importance on the Heading tag. In this case, if important keywords remain in your Heading Tag then the search engine will give more importance to your post.

The key word in the first paragraph

The first paragraph of an article is the introduction of the article. This paragraph briefly describes the main theme of the article. So, visitors and search engine realize the significance of the content.
Besides, search engine sometimes displays the first portion of the article instead of the Meta Description. So, if you can keep the important keywords in the first paragraph then it becomes more acceptable to the audience as well as to the visitors.

Keyword in Images

The image is another important part of a post. You can give clear conception about the post by using the image in the post. Again, search engine brings the image separately in the search result. Generally, you see that there is a tab named image in Google search result page. You can get many images by clicking on the tab according to the keywords.
You can get many visitors by submitting the images search friendly. You can optimize your image using different alt tag and caption. Besides you can make your post attractive by using bold, italic and underline some words or sentences. It increases the beauty of the article as well as it helps the readers to realize the article. It is part of On-page SEO.

Keywords in Permalink

A well-formed Url looks beautiful to the visitors. It is also important to the search engine. So, you can make your permalink using the right keywords in it. Because, if the permalink is formed with the keywords, it makes the possibility to bring it in a good position of search result page.

Keyword in the last paragraph

An article comes to an end with the last paragraph. There some readers who have no much time for reading the whole article. They don’t want to read the whole article. Such type of readers read only the first and last paragraph of an article and try to guess the main theme of the article.
In this case, if you can write the last paragraph with important keywords then it may arise the interest of the readers to read the whole article.  Besides, if you can finish your article with a nice description it will increase the quality of the article.


Last, of all, the keyword is one of the main elements of a content. So, if you can use the right keywords in right place then it will convey importance ton search engine and the visitors will do search your article. Thus, do SEO of your site nicely and increase the number of visitors on your site.

If you can use keywords in your blog properly, then the number of visitors will be increased in your blog from the search engine. So, do SEO of your blog correctly and increase the number of visitors in your blog.

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