How to become a Graphic Designer?

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How to become a Graphic Designer?

Graphic design is an important task for freelancing job through internet. As one can earn much by doing little work so, most of the freelancers want to take the Graphic design as their profession. 

Now, it is the first question of them, how they will learn the task?
Here, I am trying to show you the potential ways of learning Graphic Design.
First, I want to make it clear that you have to compete with the Graphic Designer of the whole world. Almost, in every country in the world, the learners can take a university degree in Graphic Design.
So, to learn Graphic design properly you can get a university degree or you can take a long-term training on it. From such institutions, you have to learn the basic rules of Graphic design. Without learning these thoroughly you cannot expect to get the job.

An artist learns drawing after studying a few years on Graphic design. In this long period, he learns what is color? What is a line? How to get a new color by mixing many colors. In fact, these are science.

In the case of digital design, the technical terms are very important matter. You will not be a good designer without learning the rules- how the colors work in a display, how the colors work on paper? How they work in internet. And at the same time you have to learn about the different image format, their advantages and disadvantages, and about different software and devices.

The first step of your learning is the theory. And the next step is -how to work using different tools. Generally, we avoid the first step and that’s why our clients do not like our design. But we cannot understand why the clients don’t like our work.
So, when someone asks, how he will learn Graphic Design? Then it becomes very hard to answer this question. However, it will be best if he takes training from an institution. He can also learn it by reading books. But it will be a very long time process. Again, some learners think, if we take training from an institution then what’s the use of reading books. This attitude is not good for being a good designer.

To be a good designer you must study much. Now, it is very easy to read. Because you can get information from the internet. Besides, you can download different books of Graphic Design from the internet.
Along with this, getting help from an experienced person will make easy of your learning. However, you have to think about your expenditure on learning in this way. But it is not illogical to spend money for the learning which you will use as the weapons for earning for the rest of your life.
If you get a degree from a university then you must get a job. This is not right for this time. Rather it is time to forget this notion. But most of the students cherish this view. They hope that something miraculous will happen. And they will get a good job. But the reality is that even after getting the engineering degree one is doing the job of sales representative. Taking MBA degree one is becoming a bank clerk. The main reason for it is the imbalance of academic education and practical work.

You cannot change this system. But you can make yourself as a competent person for keeping safe of your life.

So, if you want to learn Graphic Design then try to learn it properly. Otherwise, give up the thought of earning money in an easy and shortcut way. 

Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are considered as standard software for Graphic Design. So, if you want to learn Graphic Design properly then you have to learn this two designing software. So, you have to install this two software in your PC first. For learning design, you will get many books in PDF version on the internet. However, if you watch video tutorials then you will be able to get the overall idea about Graphic Design. You can watch video tutorials of Lynda.

Graphic Design is simultaneously artistic and technical subject. As you have to know the way how to do the work. Similarly, you have to have the skill of realizing the good and bad of the work.
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There are some particular requirements for getting a graphic design job. You usually need to have a degree in graphic design. You need to have a portfolio of your works to display your creativity. You also have to have some relevant work experience. These will help you when you will look for a job.
Graphic design is the procedure of creating visual content for communicating a message. It generally creates the concept by using software or by using hand to communicate which inspire, inform and fascinate customers. Thus, it is also known as communication design. Actually, it is an art and practice of planning ideas and experiences with visual and textual content.

Thus, try to learn the procedure for your better future in the freelancing world or in the world of virtual business. 

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