How to be a good teacher?

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How to be a good teacher?

As a teacher, you cannot be perfect for all of your students. Because we all are different in thoughts. Similarly, your students are not the same in respect of their opinion and their learning style is also different from each other. When your teaching style is liked by a student then you will be the best teacher to him or her. But it is obvious that all the students in your class will not possess the same view of teaching style. So, you cannot be a perfect teacher to all of your students.
However, you can be a better teacher to your students. For that, you have to listen to them carefully. There are some suggestions form the students for the teachers. As a teacher, you will teach them it is natural. But, you should not ignore them, rather let them the opportunity of presenting their opinion. And even you have let them the opportunity to teach you.
So, if you really want to be the best teachers to your students, you have to give them chance to express their opinion.
Get the students suggestion to be a better teacher

Try to be an assertive teacher.

As a human being, we all have some problems. Your students may have some problems, stress, or depression. If you notice that some of your students are doing worse in their studies or lose their desire for schoolwork then don’t scold them. Rather, you should support him/her like a parent.  Try to learn actually what happen to him. And if possible try to solve his problem and motivate him to do better. If your student is depressed then it would be better for you to meet him after class and know the cause of his/her depression and support him/her mentally by counseling.

Try to be their friend maintaining limitation

A teacher should behave like a friend to the students so that they can tell their problems to him. But he should not start behaving like a student himself. You have to be professional. You should help the students with schoolwork, listen to their problems, and talk about their lives. But at the same time, you should not forget who you are. Even if you are a young teacher or same age of your students you cannot use slang language. 
Because if you do that then the students will not take you seriously. They will consider it as rude and unprofessional. So, it is not the right way to earn a good reputation.

Make the lesson interesting and relevant their lives

If you want to make your lesson interesting then try to connect it with their lives. You can use some events of your life as an example of their lesson. Then they will learn it with great interest. At the time of teaching a difficult subject like differential equations, you can tell them the importance of the subject for their future life.

Budget your time wisely

In a class, you should not forget that who you are and where you. Students don’t like to listen to personal life story like how better it was when he was younger, how patient all the students were then etc. The students want to learn something about the subject from you. You should remember that time is very important for all.  So, don’t deprive them of learning by telling your personal activities which don’t give them anything but wasting their time.

Explain clearly

Explain your lesson in such a way that even the stupid student can understand the lesson. Don’s be lazy to explain again and again till they get your lesson. Though sometimes you will see that some of your students really don’t understand your lecture. But it is not because they are dull and stupid rather they cannot realize because they think indifferent.
In such a situation, you should be patient and explain the matter over and over again and make sure they all understand what you are talking about. 

Variety in teaching style.

To make your teaching interesting and effective don’t neglect to use various materials.  Because students like variety in teaching style and they believe that a good teacher is able to teach using various techniques/ways. You can use different books, videos, music and so on that can make your lesson interesting to your students and they accept such class heartily.
If you show them video then give them some written description of the video and then explain it yourself. It will be more fruitful for the students to get the materials.  

Be strict

You should be strict to your principle. Because students do not like such teachers who are too soft minded. At the time of teaching, you need not be too nice to them. You will find some students who always try to disturb the class in different ways. You have to be strict to control such students because he/she harms all the students by his activities.

Tell the objectives

At the beginning of your class, write the objectives to make your students clear what they will learn from the lesson. This method will help the students to be concentrated in the class. They will know what they are supposed to do the class.

Be an idol to your students.
There are some teachers who are very helpful and friendly to the students, who are very smart and energetic. Students like such type of teachers. They want to look like such a teacher. Even they dream to be such teacher in the future.
They consider such type of teachers is the example of ideal teachers. These kinds of teachers can influence the students positively. So, try to be such an ideal teacher to teach your students properly.

Be positive about your students

If you see a student who is not interested in your subject and doesn’t understand the subject then don’t ignore him. Rather, try to know his problem and where is his weakness.  
You can also ask him to explain what he doesn’t understand or doesn’t like. And take try to make him understand the topic according to necessity.
Hope that you will be a good teacher by following the above-mentioned rules. To know more about it you can read the article written by Alex Strike.

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