What is SEO?

What is SEO?

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Today we will learn how to earn much money through SEO. You may think it unrealistic and incredible. But thousands of SEO workers are making the impossible task possible.
Now, we will learn how to do the work, from where you will get the job, who will give you the job, why do they will give the work? How do they give payment? We will learn the answer to all the questions. You will easily understand total things reading the article. It will help you to take a decision on whether you will learn the task or not.
This article will be helpful only for those who really want to improve their career. Who are prepared to do hard work to build up a permanent career? On the contrary, those who want to earn the millions dollar in short time using shortcut way, they need not read the article.

What is the function of SEO?

First, we will learn what is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In easy words, SEO means advertising online.
Why do we advertise online? Where there are TV, Radio, Newspaper, and Magazine available for advertising then why we have to publish it online? We watch an advertisement for many companies on TV. Motorcycle company, refrigerator company, the mobile company, television company are publishing their ad on television. They also publish their ad in a newspaper. In this way, they promote their business. Because if they want to continue and improve their business then they must have to publish the advertisement. They cannot sell their product without advertisement.

Importance of SEO in online

Now the company owner and traders are giving priority on online for publishing their product because newspaper and TV are old media. But the internet is the latest media. At the first time, there was the only paper for publishing the ad. Then came the radio. People could only read from the newspaper and then they could listen to through radio. But in television, they can both listen to the voice and see people who are performing. Even after that, there are some limitations;
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Why SEO is better than TV for publicizing?

Through TV the businessmen can publish their product only in their country. If an ad is telecast in Bangladeshi TV then only the people Bangladesh can see the trailer. But it can be publicized in the whole world through the internet very easily.
The cost of publishing a product on TV is very high. But the cost of promoting a product online is less than TV. TV take charge according to the duration of publishing the ad. That means it demands payment for each second. But if the ad is published online then it will be continued for years. Again if you give advertisement in TV then it will be seen by all kinds of people like the people of slum and the people who belong to high society. That means both the high segment people and the low segment people see the product on TV. But when you publish it online then only the high segment people will see the ad of the product. Actually, they are the customers of such product. Because online is the best media for publishing your product to the educated and high segment people.
Now people use online more than TV. Generally, they watch song, movie, and drama from YouTube. That means we search all things online. If we want to know the price of any product then we search in online to know that. We search on YouTube to watch the movie or any kind of entertainment. In this way now people spend more time online than TV. So, publishing ad of products online is a vital fact. If any company want to continue their business then they must have to give their ad in online.

SEO works as a catalyst

After five or ten years there may not remain TV, radio, newspaper etc. Because we will get all the things online. Then we will be able to listen to radio from online, watch the movie, song from online, and read the newspaper from online. So, online is the best way for publicity of product or services. And those who will not come in online, they will be lost. And those who will cling to online will be afforded to expand their business in home and abroad. Their sale will be increased. As a result, they will be able to increase their production and sell those products and services through worldwide. SEO is the main catalyst for showing the identity of the product to the people of the whole world.

What is the function of an SEO expert?

The function of an SEO expert is very great. An SEO professional can transform a local company into a global company. It can make an environment to sell a product in the world market. Which a newspaper cannot do. So, if you do SEO for a company then it will make profit more than 2o to 3o thousand dollars for this SEO. If they can earn 3o thousand dollars for your activities then it will be very natural that they will give you one thousand dollars as your salary.

Will the SEO be stopped?

If you contribute to increasing the sale of a company, then will the company stop the SEO for his company? Definitely not. Because the company is making a profit for SEO. So, naturally, they will not stop SEO rather they increase your salary and appoint more manpower for this sector. So, if you do a job for a company, it will be your permanent job in that company.
A company has to continue this SEO. And if it stops the SEO then it makes sell-down of the product. Coca-Cola, 7-UP is the well-known company in the world. Yet they are continuously giving their advertisement. Why? The reason is that if they stop broadcasting their products then people will think that these companies have stopped the production of the items. And consequently, it causes sell-down of the goods. So, a company is bound to continuous its SEO program.

SEO experts’ duty

Now we will discuss the function of an SEO expert. The SEO experts are the persons who are responsible for publicity in online. How does a company broadcast their goods on a TV? Generally, they contract with the TV channel authority for publishing their product or services by giving a certain amount of money. But there is no central authority online. And there is no system of publishing product by giving them money. You have to do certain works for publishing. These certain works are called SEO. So, SEO means publicizing in online.

What is online?

Online is a large term. It is a combination of some separate websites like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blog site, Forum sites, News sites etc. Then what is the meaning of SEO?  SEO means publicize. It means publicize a product or services through Google, Facebook, YouTube, blog sites, forum sites etc. Suppose you want to do SEO of Samsung mobile phone. Then it will be your duty to publicize the phone in Google so that the phone is seen first page and first position in Google. That means when people search for the phone then they can see your phone first. This is called SEO.

What should you learn for SEO?

To be a successful SEO professional you have to learn Article writing. What is an article? Article means writing on a topic. Suppose you will write about a phone or a dress. You have to write in detail about the phone. You have to give a description mentioning its pros and cons. You have to write the features of the phone. Then you have to give some image of the phone. You have to write in such way so that the readers feel attraction for purchasing the product. Actually the writing we see in online, all are articles.
To write good content you have to learn Graphic design. Because to make a nice article image is essential. So you have to have at least a basic conception of Photoshop.  Besides you have to learn video editing, animation, and basic conception of web design and Word Press.

What is the career of SEO Professionals?

An SEO expert can build a smart career and earn a handsome amount of money. By SEO you are helping the company to publicize their product and increase their sale. As a result, they are making a good profit. When the product will be seen by millions of people for your SEO service and some of them will buy the product. In this way, the sale of the company will be increased. And they will profit thousands of dollar for your effort. As they make a profit for your activity so they will not hesitate to give your salary. Though at first, they will give you a poor salary. But when they will see that you are trying your best and your activities will satisfy them then they will give a handsome amount of money to keep you in their company.

Where you can get SEO job?

We have already learned what the career of an SEO professional is. Now, we will learn about-where we will do the job and from where we will get the job? Who will give the job?  
First, you can do the job in marketplaces. There are thousands of companies in the world like the mobile company, Motorcycle Company, Car Company, Restaurant Company, Flat Company, software Company etc. All the companies of the world want to increase the sale of their products or services. So, all of them need SEO expert for publicizing their product and services. So, all the companies need SEO workers. If you learn the work perfectly then you will be an SEO expert. Then you can do your job in many companies including marketplaces.

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What are marketplaces?

The marketplaces are websites where the buyer and seller can communicate with each other. The buyers want to get outsourcing service from freelancers. They post their job in the websites and freelancer do the job on a contract basis. For that purpose, the freelancers are to show their qualifications through their portfolio and facing online interview. If the buyer thinks the freelancer is perfect for the job then he will give him the job. And then the freelancer do the job according to the expectation and direction. After completing the job perfectly he/she(freelancer) get the contracted salary. This is the main function of a marketplace. There are many marketplaces on the internet like Upwork.com, Freelancer.com, Peopleperhour.com, fiver.com and so on.

How to search job in marketplaces for SEO?

If you want to get a job in marketplaces then you have to open the website like upwork.com. Then you have to go to the job category. There you will find different categories of the job. You have to select one of them which you have learned properly. You will search your learning related job. Then you have to bid for the job. Here you have to submit your job proposal. After reviewing your proposal if the client thinks, you will be able to do the job then they will give you the job. In the same way, you have to search for your job from different marketplaces.
You can also get a job directly in Clients Company. When you will do the job nicely and the client becomes satisfied with your job then they will offer you to do the job in their company. But for that purpose, you have to do in such a way so that they can trust you. They will your responsibility for their big project and appoint you permanently.  Actually, the big company comes to the marketplace to test the employee. When you will get a job in a renowned company then they will provide you with a handsome salary. Thus SEO will give you chance to work in the marketplace as well as in a company directly.

 How much time you need to learn SEO?

It will take only three months if work for 3 hours per day. And you can also learn the work within 2 months if you work 5/6 hours per day with a fully dedicated mind. You have to determine that you will do the work with full concentration. After learning the work you will feel confident. Then you can consider yourself as a resource person. As a result, frustration, tension about career will remove from your life. 

Will not the SEO work stop forever?

If you think yourself then you will get the answer that whether the demand of the job will increase or decrease.
The SEO job is a permanent job. If a company appoint you then you have to do their job continuously. Even if the company does not continue their job by you then also there is no problem. Because thousands of door is open for you as you know the job properly.
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Why don’t all people do the SEO job?

This question may arise that if the work is so easy and one can earn much through the job they why all people don’t do the job?
 All people cannot do the job because all of them do not have the qualification for doing the job. You may have BBA, MBA degree. But you cannot do the work because academic education does not offer SEO learning. Even after getting CSE degree one cannot do the work if he does not learn SEO. But if he/she learn SEO sincerely then you will be able to do the job and make a profit for a company. Consequently, you will be able to earn much money in return.
Hope that you will learn SEO properly and earn much through this job.

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