How to write Good Content

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How to Write Good Content

Those who can write well, they can take article writing as a profession. Or those who are blogging, they can also take it as their career. Because article writing is a very good and honorable profession.
If you want to do blogging then you have to know article writing. Those who are good at English, they can take article writing as their profession by developing themselves through some idea and tips. In this way, they can make a good opportunity for earning much both in the online and offline market. Today I will discuss the pros and cons of article writing like- how can we earn much money through article writing, how can it be a good career, who are article writers, how many types of articles are etc.
Those who write, we call them writers. And there are many writers are around us. Each of them writes on different subjects. Some writers write on technology, some of them write science fiction, some novels, some writes poems. Again the readers also like the different type of writings. Their reading taste is not the same. But you should not write all types of writings. You have to write only this which subject you like to write most. And you have to write that nicely and you should try to be expert on the certain type of writing. So, if you are a doctor or a medical student, then generally you have much knowledge as well as interest in health. In this regard, you should write the health-related article. Similarly, if you have an interest in sports then you should write on sports very nicely.

How can we write a good article?

How can you learn details about the subject/topic which you are going to write about? The answer to this question is that you have to read many articles and watch many videos which are related to your writing. Then you will get many points for your writings. Suppose your clients have told you to write a review of a product. Here as much information, you will be able to collect from the internet about the product so your writing will be enriched. Thus, watch similar type of videos or read many articles related to your topic to know details about the product. And at the same time note down some points from those articles and write them in your article as your own style.

Rules for writing article

At the time of writing article you must follow some rules like:
·        Article should be easy, simple and lucid.
·        You should use common words and small sentences to write your article.
·        Don’t write five or six lines in a sentence. Because it lessens the readability.
·        You should use simple and clear language in your article.
·        You should enlarge the size of your article then it makes you benefited.
·        Your article should be specific.

Quantity is more important than quality

When your will practice much then some bad topic may come. It is no problem. If you research with theses topic then you will get an excellent topic which will help you to fulfill your target. We have to give up this thought that we should not work with those topics which are not perfect. Rather less important topic will also do. If you think, you will not work if the topic is not 100% perfect then it will be your wrong perception. Because if you belong such thought then your work will not go ahead.  As a result, you cannot be successful. So, first give importance on quantity, not on quality.

Pressure on your mind to start writing

When you will start your writing then you will see that there are so many new ideas are coming to your brain. And you can think clearly. So, if you only think about this discussion but not start writing then the topic idea will not generate. Therefore, writing is a very important matter for getting new and qualified topic ideas.

content writing

How to get information for your writing?

As much as information you can put into your writing, your writing will be so important. Because the reader wants to know the answer to their questions from your writing. When your writing will be informative then it will satisfy your audience. Because they will get almost all their answer from an informative writing. So, information is the soul of a writer. Now, question how can you collect much information. The answer to this question is you have to read many equivalent articles. Then you can get much information. You can also learn many things about your writing by watching video tutorials. Suppose you want to write about –how to open Gmail account, how to add a custom domain or how to make your computer fast. Before writing this writing you have to read the blogs of your competitors. It will help you learn many new things which did not know before. In this way can make your article more informative and attractive to the readers.  And you will be able to make your article better than your competitors.

Make your writing specific

You have to make your writing specific. What you are writing, some readers will come to read that. So, you should bear in mind that your writing must be helpful to your readers. Write in such a way so that your reader get help to solve their relevant problems. And also they get the answer from your writings which are related to your topic. Therefore, at the time of writing, you have to think- what kinds of questions may arise in your readers’ mind and what type of problems generally they face to do the work as well as what type of message or information they want to get. All these things should have described step by step in your writings. 

Only generate the topic idea

It is not time for you to undertake perfectly writing an article or eBook. It is not your time to write an editorial or article finally. Rather it is time to generate only easy and simple topic and write on this topic. Because you are not an expert writer.

How to get the topic idea

The most important subject for the content marketer is to find out topic idea. Because article or content without the topic is impossible. And the question of a content marketer is valueless without content. So for good content, it is too much essential to know the technique of searching for a suitable topic idea. And so here I am discussing briefly how to get many topic ideas within a very short time. The main target of this writing is to teach how to get many topic ideas by adopting the techniques.
Let’s discuss the topic idea generation techniques:
  •           Choose a calm and quiet place

At first, you have to choose a calm and quiet place where no one will disturb you.                 For this purpose, you need not have a miracle place. You should only make silent/stop your phone. 
  •           Open documentary file

As your main target is to achieve speed and skill so you have to open a documentary file. Which application you will use it does not matter. You may use Notepad, Google drive, Ever note etc.
  •           Start your time for 30 minutes:

Specific time will give pressure on your mind to complete the work on time. It will make you concentrate on time. The tic-tic sound of your clock reminds you about your limited time. It helps you to maintain your work speed and interest about the job.
  •        Asking question

Ask the question yourself to get the topic idea. For example, on which subject of company you are interested? Which give you much pleasure of your company? On which subject you are skilled? On which subject you want to spend your most of the time? How did you start your company? You can use these answers as topics of your articles.

Specify your topic

If you follow the technique below the hundreds of topic idea will come in your head. But you have chosen the specific topic. And you have to give pressure your brain to write the specific topic.
For example, if you are asked how you do want to build your industry. On the basis of the questions, you will get some specific topic. But if you are asked why should you go to college. On the basis of this question, you will not get the specific answer. So, you can write about your personal and specific subject.
Suppose your friend do a business which is not legal. Now you can decide will do the illegal business or not do such business. This simple idea will change your business structure.

Concentrate on Heading and listing

There are many big articles of 2ooo to 5ooo words. The readers generally do not read the whole article word by word. They only read the heading, subheading, and listings. So, you should concentrate on these terms. And you should try to make your content long.

Why will you write long content?

Google gives importance on long content and it also helps to get page rank. An article should have minimum 300 words.  But 1600 words are standard for an article.

Make your content actionable

You have to make your article actionable. That means when you will write a content then you should have to set up a goal. You may sell a product, or you may give a message, or you may send your readers to a link, or you answer some questions. Whatever you do, you have to do the work decoratively. If you want to give an answer then you have to present them very nicely and serially. If you want to sell a product then you have to illustrate all the advantages of the product.  If you want to sell the product then with confidence you have to make understand your audience why your product is the best product.  And then put the link of the product at the end of the article. There should have a table of content in your article so that reader can easily realize the main theme without reading the whole content. In this way, you can make your content actionable.

Challenging experience

If there is a challenge and its solution in your content then the reader feel interested to read such type of article. So, include problems and solution in your writings. Again readers want to read a success story. You can write about the success story of your business. You can write why did you fail for the first time to achieve your goal. And how you have become successful at last.

How can you earn through these articles?

From where and how can we earn- this is the most common question of the newbie. There are many marketplaces for selling your articles like,, etc sites. For this purpose, you have to create a nice profile in and then write there. In such way, you can write in, etc marketplace.

Profile Making

As profile making is prerequisite for working in the online marketplace like,, so you have to make a nice profile. Before creating a profile you have to make a sample of your writing and for this reason, you have to write some content first. You may write some article for the local buyer. You can also write for your own blog site. You can present these writing as your sample. If you can display some best articles then you will get a chance for writing on these websites. When a client will tell to write on a subject, then if you can show him your best writings related to the subject then he/she will give you the job.

Importance of sample

A sample is must for working in the marketplace. So, you should make some nice samples for whichever marketplace you want to work. If you are unable to show your sample then you will not get the job. Thus you have to write some nice article for getting a job in the marketplace. At the time of writing, you have to try to avoid writing tough words and large sentences. Rather try to write in the easy language and use those words which are usually used. In your writing use heading, subheadings, list of points and images then your writing will be excellent. Write in such a way that your reader become benefitted reading the article. Only then your writing will be considered as a good content.

content writing

Educational background for writing

Writing is not a too much tough task. So you need not to be highly educated for writing article. First, search the related information from the internet for the article which you want to write. Read some related articles to your topic and try to learn the subject clearly. Collect some information from the articles. But must not copy any article. If you copy any article or some part of an article then it can be identified by checking. And in this regard, if you are dishonest then you will lose your job. And the client can take action against you. So, I will request you not to copy two lines from one article and two lines from another article. So, study much about the subject and acquire knowledge on it clearly. After that write nicely in your own language. If you can write such good articles then you will see that there are no deficiency of clients.

Where are the articles used?

There may arise a question in your mind that where the articles are used generally. Actually, articles are of different types. It may be academic writing, product review, e-commerce description, and blog writing. The bloggers are to submit at least on the blog in a week.  Hence the bloggers need content. So, your writings can be used in blog site or incorporate website. If you write a technological article then it will be used in the technological blog site.  

Revision of your content

You should not send your writing to your client just after finishing the writing. You have to edit your writing again and again before send to your client. Because there may remain some mistakes in your writings. Reading frequently you will get chance to give correction in your writing. Therefore I recommend you to read several times and try to realize have you become able to make clear what you wanted to make understand your readers.
Again your client may want the revision of your writing. You have to follow his instruction without any anger or hesitation. You should always bear in mind that clients always write.  So, try to satisfy your clients with your service and behavior. If you can satisfy your clients then it will help you to improve your career.

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