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Which niche will be best for you?

As a new blogger, what niche or topic will be suitable and profitable to you for blogging or affiliate marketing? This is the most common question to those who want to start their career as a blogger or affiliate marketer. Yes, today I will discuss this topic.
There are some persons who have skilled on a specific subject. And there are some persons who have no skill in any online activities. I will discuss the matter for these two type of people.
What is a niche?

Niche for skilled persons

At first, I want to tell about those who have some experience in Software Development, Web design, Web development, Graphic design and so on.  If you are a Software designer like UI/UX designer then you can create a website on software design and then you can publish your skill related content on your website. So, you can create your skill related website and write about your skill and experience.

Niche for different skill

If you are a software developer then you can write software-related content. If you are a web developer then you can write on web design and development. If you are a graphic designer then you can write on how to do graphic design, what resources are essential for graphic design, which tools or software can be used for color choices. You can also write about how to use tools of Photoshop or Illustrator, color combination etc.  
These are an example of niche choosing. In every sector of our life, we need such resources. So, what things you know, you can share that in your blog. You can give tutorials and others resources to help others. Actually blog site are helping site. Your site will be popular to the visitors if they get helping materials from your site. So, if you are a doctor or medical students then you can write on health-related topic.

Make your content resourceful

You should bear in mind that blogging site is created to help others who want to learn something from your site. Visitors mainly come to your site to get some help, to learn something or to get entertainment. But if they don’t get anything of learning or getting help then why they will come to your site. Because how many contents or video tutorials you have seen, you have seen that only for your own interest, not for the site owner’s benefit. So, make your site resourceful with tutorials, contents which the visitors really want to get. The reason is that how much you will be able to provide the visitors, you will get the visitors proportionally.

Problems of the newbie

Now I will tell about those who are very beginner but trying to learn. They have no any skill on any subject but trying their best to be skilled on a specific subject. Such type of newbie has the same problem. They cannot understand how they will start their blogging career.

Don’t overthink over niche

There are some persons who start to think about which niche will they choose? Which niche will be more profitable? Which niche will be ranked soon?  With which niche they should start blogging? The result of these type of overthinking is that they cannot start their blogging career for such overthinking.

Suggestion to the niche chooser

My suggestion for you to forget how to choose a niche, how h to add AdSense, how to get an affiliate link and how to put an affiliate link in your blog. You should have to forget the above-mentioned terms because these are not blogging. Blogging means you can write on any subject on your website.

Complete the basic level first before niche choosing

Actually, choosing a better niche is really very important matter. But when you are new, you will not understand which niche will be best for you. I would like to inform you that every niche and topic in this world has market demand. And every niche is profitable. You can get much profit for every niche if you can come to the first page of Google with this niche. In this way, you can earn much and build a better career.  But before going to this goal you have to complete your basic level. For example,  skipping class one, two, three, four you cannot get admitted direct in class six. Because, if you do that you will not understand anything. Similarly, if you ignore basic level and jump to advance level then the result will be zero.

Google Ad-sense and affiliate link

The term of adding Google Ad-sense, joining several companies’ affiliate program will come only then when there will remain many useful contents on your website. Many persons think if he/she does not signup in the affiliate program, if he/she does not get an affiliate link then what link he will put in his/her website. But it is not mandatory that you have to put affiliate link in your every post. First, you have to learn the basic aspects of content writing. Then you will get the opportunity to publish your content with the qualified affiliate link. 

Write on any topic

I recommend you to write those things whichever you know. You can write the simplest subjects like how to create a Facebook page, how to open Facebook group, how to add custom banner in your YouTube channel. These are very simple functions. Most of you know these functions.  These are the example of how to write the topic. These may not bring affiliate income but it will teach you how to write content properly. Going to write these you will learn many aspects of article writing.

 Stat writing to get niche

When you start writing then you will see many topics come in your brain. When you continue your writing the one time you will see that your wring skill has increased excellently. You will see that the topic idea is generating in your mind automatically. Then you will realize what niche will be best. Before that, if you are told thousands of niche, it will not be useful to you. You, yourself have to choose the right niche for your website. No, one in this world can tell you that.

 Stop overthinking about niche

As a newbie, you should stop thinking about how to choose the best niche, why Google Ad-sense is not being approved, where you will get the affiliate link, where you will put the affiliate link. You have also to stop thinking about earning like from where the earning will come and how much you will earn. At the very beginning, if you start to think on the above-mentioned issues then you will not achieve success in blogging. If you do such then it will be only wastage of your time. So, publish more and more article on your website about whatever you know.

The final suggestion to the newbie

Please don’t waste your time uselessly thinking- how to put an affiliate link in your website, how to verify your account in Amazon. Rather create your own website and start writing whatever you know from this very moment. When you will complete the basic level of content writing and learn many things of content writing only then you can think over the niche. Because niche choosing is very important for success in blogging and affiliate marketplace.

  Why niche blogging is important

People generally search the internet to get the solution. Sometimes they want to get entertainment to remove boredom or to get an answer to their questions. If they do not get those in your article then your article will not be popular to the audience. Because people want to get information which is essential for their practical life or to get entertainment to get relief from monotony. They don’t want to waste their time by reading ramble and irrelevant discussion.  And only for this reason niche blogging is so important to the audience. For instance, if an audience want remains up-to-date about fashion then he/she will follow the fashion related blog. If an audience wants to alleviate boredom from the life he/she wants to read entertainment article

 How will you choose your right niche?

Choosing a right niche for your website is a very important matter. Some tips for choosing the right niche are given below:
Select something which you really like. This is the opinion of the expert that you should write this thing to which you have passion and love. Externally it may seem unrealistic but there are so many reasons behind it. When the niche will be according to your own choice then there remain many positive sides like:
  •  You will be able to invest much time for your blog and will try your best to shine it.
  •  There will remain less possibility to quite the job.
  •  You will get many ideas for your writings.
  •  Your feelings will be expressed in your writings and so you get many followers of your blog

Focus on only the profitable niche

Your favorite niche may give you profit slowly but it will be long-lasting. Your interest for the job will not be less even after doing the job for a long time. But if you adopt another way that means if you only focus on the profitable niche but in which you have no interest and you do not have enough knowledge about the subject then you will lose your interest for the niche very soon. You will feel stress to do the writing.  You will not find any spontaneity in your writing.  Another disadvantage of such a profitable niche is your insufficient knowledge on the subject. If you do not clearly understand the article which you are writing then how the audience will understand that and why they will read the unclear things.

How will you find your passionate niche?

Your passionate niche will be very excellent if you have a clear conception of your passion. You can easily find your passion through the answer to the following questions:
  • What is your hobby?
  • How do you spend your leisure period?
  •  What type of work did you like to do in your school and college life?
  •  What type of subjects do you like to read or learn?
  •  What type of job do you want to do throughout your life without profit?

If you cannot select your favorite subject through these above questions then you have to write ten blog post headlines. Even after writing the headlines if you cannot get your desired topic then you can think that these cannot be your niche. To find your right niche you can ask yourself the following questions:
  •  Which work do you like and enjoy to do?
  •  What is your favorite topic for talking?
  •  Which subject was interesting to you in your young age?
  •  How do you pass your free time?
  •  What are your favorite hobbies?
  •  Which subject do you know more than other subjects?

At first niche, choosing seems to be a matter of fear to you. Because almost all kinds of niches are in the blogging world. As you are not the first blogger in this sector. But there is nothing of fear here because if you notice carefully you will see that there are some gaps in those. You have to find out the gap and fill up the gaps with appropriate resources then you will be successful in this industry.


Like another profession, content writing is also a profession. So, like another profession, you have to work with patience and you have to invest a time to learn the work properly. Again, those who are already skilled on a particular subject, you need not choose the niche. What you know that has also market demand. So, if you can rank your website with this content then it will make your career opportunity.

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