Why we learn Photoshop first and how?

Why should we learn Photoshop?

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Sometimes we are asked, “Why should we learn Photoshop?” The answer to the questions is-there is many reasons why you should learn Photoshop. Learning Photoshop is needed if you want to work in a graphic design, web design. Besides these, it is also equally important to learn Photoshop for those who are working in hands-on marketing roles. Whether designing brochures, flyers, or email newsletters, there is a need to learn Photoshop for optimizing and retouching or editing images.

Learn Photoshop to get some especial  Job

Photoshop is helpful for job seekers. Because this Photoshop can be considered as a great skill to help you to get a good job. Many employers want Photoshop skills, especially which are related to design like graphic design, web design, users’ interface design. So, in this competitive job market, learning Photoshop skill will help you to be different from the other applicants.

Learn Photoshop for career improvement

If you are in a good job, your Photoshop skill will help you to make you more important than others employee. As you can work efficiently with Photoshop, it will give you an opportunity to work on a variety of exclusive projects and it will also give you chance for advancement and the ability to work on a more diver set project. your
Photoshop skill can play an important role in many positions like a website or product design.

Learn Photoshop for you own

As Photoshop learning can develop your career, it can also make you personally benefitted. This skill will help you in many ways like to retouch images, or to create compositions adding text and graphics or to build funny animated GIF, You will also have a fun outlet for your personal project. You can also design a funny image to share in social media. So, though Photoshop is a powerful tool for business, it is also a funny matter as well.
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Why will you use Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop is a big platform for image editing. Its use is different from others software. So, many learners feel problem thinking how and from where they will start learning it. Even after reading books or watching video tutorial they think there is something missing. The advantages of this tutorials are that the learner can ask their question in online live class and they can also get the answer to their questions by asking in a comment. Besides, the students can communicate with others and take help from others.

Let’s discuss some general matter on it

What is Photoshop? Though the exact meaning of Photoshop is not known to us we all have an overall idea about Photoshop. Even the man who does not use a computer has also minimum knowledge of Photoshop. It proves how much popular the software is! In one word we can say Photoshop is the number one software for image editing. But when we give the answer in one word then that makes it more complex than making it easier. Thus, first, you have to know what is image editing. How does it work? Why it is so essential and so on.

Who wants to be a graphic designer

Whose profession is ‘Graphic Design’ that means who work as a graphic designer or who work himself/herself for earning through ‘Graphic Design’, they work with ‘Photoshop’. They can design a leaflet, Poster, book cover, advertisement in a newspaper, business card, logo, and many other things. Besides these, what we watch on TV and what we see on the internet in those work also we see the touch of Photoshop. So, you have the opportunity to work with Photoshop in those sectors.

Use in Video Editing and Animation

Those who work with video editing and animation, they are also to work with Photoshop. Because you can do 3D painting and use special effect with Photoshop.
For Programmer and Web designer
Programmer and Web designer use Photoshop to design the image part. The Photographer also use Photoshop to edit their photos.

Learn Photoshop as a hobby

If you do not need Photoshop for above-mentioned jobs then you can think of it as your hobby. Most probably you have the hobby of taking a snap with a camera or with a mobile phone. You might notice that your photo is not so clear and beautiful like the photos of a reputed newspaper. The reason is that the camera is very costly, the photographer is skilled. But these are not the all. The main reason is that the image is edited with Photoshop or with another software like Photoshop. 
Again if you want to give your own designed birthday card, Eid card, or Christmas card in which you would like to give a photo of your dear one or your dearest image then you can do that by using Photoshop. So, in this case, also Photoshop plays an important role.

Learn Photoshop for big budget job

Besides these, if you want to go to a big budget job like a digital painting then to Photoshop is needed.  Think about those people who have gained reputation drawing a picture on canvas. All the activities of the artist are possible with the tools of Photoshop.
In one word where is an image, there is Photoshop. So, Photoshop is everywhere like print, web, multimedia, video etc.

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Photoshop is the best software for image editing and design

There is so many software for image editing. They are easier than the Photoshop for using. On the other hand, Photoshop is litter bit complex than other software. But it works well than the others. Actually, it is the most suitable software for professionals.
So, if you won’t get the best result with the best software then you have to do invest more time, labor, and use your brain.  One can be skilled in Photoshop by trying year after year. If you are not agreeing to do so then it will be better for you to choose another software.

Which version of Photoshop you will use?

At present, the latest version for Photoshop is CC (Creative Cloud). You may ask the question which one is better- latest version or old version. New version means new features are added.
Yet, those who work on painting, they use an old version. For example, the world-famous comic designer Marvel use version-3 or version-4. If you ask your familiar designer, they will also say you about the old version.   In most cases they use version-7. So, this is baseless that you have to use only the latest version. Again, you cannot think that all the features of the latest version are available in the old version. For instance, the opportunity for using 3D, smart fill, are added in version –CC. Even the opportunity for using the improved graphics card for best performance is present in the latest version. You will not get these advantages in the old visions. So, if it is possible for you to use the latest version. But, if the computer is not strong enough then the use of the old version is the matter of fault.  Because you can do almost all essential works with this old version.
Photoshop software work same way in Windows and Mac. So, first, you have to have a computer with Windows or Mac operating system. Then install the Photoshop Software in that computer.

Advantages of the new version of Photoshop

The new versions software are too large. Therefore powerful processor and enough memory are needed for the installation. If you want to buy a new computer then notice on a speedy processor, enough memory in the hard disk, large size monitor and good graphics card and so on. For exact performance try to buy a qualified mouse. By maintaining this instruction you can get a flawless image.

Associated device for working with Photoshop

The scanner is needed to take an image from the paper. Besides these, you need a camera. For this purpose, the digital camera is more advantageous than the film camera.

Start to learn Photoshop

You may not have all the above-mentioned devices according to the instruction of the article. No matter, certainly you have a computer. Install Photoshop and start your work. Invest your time and labor. Hopefully, you will be a successful Graphic designer.

Choose your option for learning Photoshop

In short, you can learn Photoshop by reading books, articles or taking training from a training center, or practice using online free tutorials. The process you use depends on how fast and how in-depth you wish to learn.

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