How to learn Graphic Design for Freelancing?

 How to learn Graphic Design for Freelancing?

Graphic design is a large platform for earning huge amount through internet. As the calculation of the amount is in dollar so if you convert this dollar in taka then you will see that the amount is too much handsome. Thus many people want to earn money through internet, especially by graphic design. But they don’t know the proper way to learn and earn. And for this reason they have many questions how they can learn graphic design as well as how they can take it as their profession.

Here I’ll show you the way to solve the question ‘how’?

Here I am trying to show you the possible way of learning the job?
At first I want to make it clear to you that to get the job in internet you have to compete with the designers of the whole world. Almost in every country’s students of the world can get university degree on Graphic design. But in Bangladesh this opportunity is not so available. This education should be divided in two part namely- academic and professional. But in Bangladesh professional degree on this subject is not seen normally. That means neither the academic learning system nor the long time training system is available in Bangladesh.  Though there are some so called training centers are seen here, the trainers of these centers do not follow the proper rules of teaching and for this reason one cannot start his career only by taking training from such institutions.  

What should one do first for learning

One should learn first what he needs to learn for learning graphic design. Generally, One artist study many years for learning of drawing picture. In this long period he has been taught what is color, what is line. How to get especial color by mixing many colors. This is actually scientific matter. And for digital design technical knowledge on the subject is too much important. If you do not know how to work color in display, how to work in paper and how to work in webpage. If you have to deep knowledge in these factors, you cannot be a perfect designer.  And with this you have to know about image format, merits and demerits of it. Besides you have the clear knowledge on different device and software. Tutorial is the first step for learning design and the using of tools in design is the second steps. Generally the first step is avoided. As a result, the learner thinks he is a perfect designer but the clients do not like their designs. And the designers can not realize why the clients like his designs. And the ultimate result he becomes upset and possess a wrong concept about graphic design and about the freelancing.

Answer of the question how they start

This is why when any one of Bangladesh asks how they will learn then it becomes very difficult to answer of the question. If the person get help from any institution then it will be the best way for him/ her for learning graphic design. One can learn basic factors within short time. But if he wants to learn by reading books, it will take long time. Again some think while I am taking training then why have we need to read book. You cannot be a good graphic designer possessing such concept.
To be good graphic designer it is essential to read books. And now the opportunity for reading is very easy. Because, if you search through then you will get many books on graphic design in many websites and you can download these books free of cost. Besides, you will get too many articles and video tutorialson graphic design. These will also help you to learn graphic design very well.
And at the same time if you get instruction from a person who is successful in this sector then it will make your journey very easy. You can also take training from reputed institution. But is this case you have to spend some money. But it is not illogical to spend money for learning because this learning will help you as a earning weapon for your entire life.

Academic lerning vs practical learning

You may think that If you get a degree from a university then certainly you will get good job. But now this conception is not appropriate for this time. Yet most of the students expect that in miracle they will get expected job. But the reality is that even after taking degree on engineering they are to work as a sales representative, Taking MBA degree they are to work as a clerk of a company. The only one reason for this situation is the lack of proper combination between academic learning and the practical job.

Change Yourself

You cannot change the system. But what you can that you can make you safe by building as perfect person for this time by learning practical like freelancing or so on. If you really want to learn graphic design then learn it properly and give up the thought of earning in shortcut way.

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