How to draw a navigation bar in Photoshop?

To draw a nice navigation bar –  we have to follow the following steps.

First of all, we have to open the Photoshop application. Then click on new and put value in the certain box to define the size of the canvas like:

11.      New →Preset:custom →Width: 500px→ Height:500px→ Resolution:72 →Background content: white →ok

2.       Then click on the foreground tool and type the color code   o2o2o2     to make the background the same as the given image.

3.     2..  (a)Take a new layer → rectangular marquee tool→ option bar →style:   Fixed →width:450px →Height:10px→ foreground tool→

Then click on the click on the canvas. We will see a rectangle has drawn on the canvas. We can move the selection clicking on the move/selection tool and arrow keys.

(b) foreground tool→ color:cfcfcf→alt+backspace. After that click ctrl+D to deselect the selection.

4.      (a) Click on fx or right click on the layer of layer pallet to go to blending option →drop shadow →blend mode: normal→color:020202→opacity:100→angle:90→distance:1 →spread:0→size:0
5.     (b)  Inner shadow →blend mode:normal→color:fcfcfc→opacity:75 →angle:90 →distance:2→choke:0→size:0→ok
55.   New layer →marquee tool → option bar→Width:450px→Height:35px. Click on the canvas and fill with any color.

7.6 .      Layer2→blending option →inner shadow →mode:normal→color:858584→opacity:100→angle:90 →distance:1→choke:0→size:0 →ok.

8 7.     Gradient Overlay →blending mode: normal→opacity:100→1st color stop button:272727 →last color stop button: 595959→ok.

9.8,       Type tool T → option bar→font:14pt→sharp →color:fefefe  
        Now type text on the canvas. Like Home.

110.   Blending option → drop shadow →normal →distance:1→size:0→spread:0→color:000000 →angle:-45 →opacit:100

111.  Then copy this text (move too +ctrl+ alt) →drag this text copy and change the text.
In this way, you can make a nice navigation bar. You need not to design the same size with the same color. But first, you should try to make the same to get the idea of making such a navigation bar. When you will learn to make it easier then it will help to make another. Hope that it will help you a little bit to learn how to make a navigation bar. I will post such a technique regularly. If you are benefitted then you are invited to visit my site regularly.

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