How to start a job as Freelance Web Developer?

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Freelance Web Developer – is a very popular term in the world of freelancing job. Most of the freelancers want to be a web developer. You may ask me the question, why?

There are many reasons for choosing the job. First of all, it is a creative job and there is a great chance of earning much money from this job.

Who are Freelance Web developers?

The web developers are those who create and develop websites. So, they are artists and do everything for creating and developing a website. They use color, graphics, images and special effects on the navigation. They do all the things very excellently so that the site becomes user-friendly and excellent to look at according to the client’s expectation.

When a Freelance web developer start designing?

Before starting this job, the developers communicate with the clients and ask them many questions like ‘Why do you want your site to complete? What features do you want to have on your site? And the more detailed question about the site. After learning the client’s expectation about the site, the designers/developer start their design. Website designing is the first step for a Freelance Web Developer. However, it can be done by other web designers.

What does a Freelance Web Developer do?

A web developer is to do many functions such as he designs a new website, write code, add animation, check bugs and fix them. And last, of all, he launches the site in the client’s server.
Do you want to be a  Freelance web developer? Then you can read the article until the end of it.
Now, I will tell you what terms you need to learn to become a Web Developer. Not only that I’ll also tell you what kinds of benefit and opportunities will be opened for you when you will become a Web Developer. And I will show you the way and resource which will help you to start your journey to be a Web Developer.
Before going to start, I would like to make it clear what does the web developer generally do. The web developer basically builds apps or website.
How many types of website do you visit online, all of those are web apps or websites?, all are the example of websites.

How many Parts of a website?

Basically, a website has two part-(i) web Design and (ii) Web Development. The users generally see the designs but they don’t see the developments. The common example of it is the YouTube video. Here the visitors can see the design of the video player, like button, comment button etc. But when the visitors click on the like button or they comment then the comment become save and increase the like count. These are an example of the development which happens behind the scenes. When you click on the like button then the ‘like’ remain saves in the database.


Now, the question may arise, “What is the database?” The answer to the question is- the database is like a memory. As we save our music, picture in a memory card similarly our content remains to save in database. Basically, the users can see the outward design of a website but they cannot see the activities which are being happened behind the scene. Because it cannot be seen. 

Kinds of Web Developer

·     Let’s know the type of web developers. The  Freelance Web Developers are generally three types namely:
  1.             Front-end Developer
  2.             Back-end Developer
  3.             Full-stake Developer

These three types of developers do three types of function for web development. Their different activities are discussed below:

Front-end Developer

Front-end Developers are basically designer of a website. They design the app or website with Photoshop or illustrator. And then they convert the design into static code- HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This type of website is not functional. If you want to change the contents, like text, images of such website then you have to know the HTML and CSS. And you can change the content going to the coding page. Again visitors cannot send a message through the contact form of such website. Because it is not functional.

Back-end Developer

Back-end  Freelance Web Developers have knowledge on Front-end Development. But the Back-end Developers don’t do the part of the design. Taking the static code from the Front-end Developer they make the website dynamic. That means they convert it into a working app which has an admin panel. And the user can change or add content through this admin panel. Here the users need not know to code. Because they can dynamically change the images or texts using this admin panel. The contact form of such website is also dynamic. Visitors can easily send their message to the admin of the website with this contact form. So, the function of a Back-end Developer is to make the static app of the Front-end Developer totally functional.

Full-stake Freelance Web Developer

Full-stake Developer is the all-rounder. Because they do both design and development. They have complete knowledge on an app or a website and they do all the work of a website by themselves. Here there may arise a question – why you will be a Front-end Developer or Back-end Developer. Why not you will be a Full-stake Developer. Unquestionably you will try to be a Full-stake Developer. But if you want to do all the activities on your own self then it will take much time to complete a project.  Besides software maintenance is also another part of a web developer. So, it will be hard to do all the functions by a single hand. Hence generally, the Freelance Web Developer divides their project team wise. And each developer does his work, in which department he is expert.

Programming language for the Web Development

Now, let’s learn what kinds of programming language are essential for being a web developer. Any app or website is created by the computer programming language.

How many apps are in your smartphone, how many websites do you use, these all are created by programming language? To be a  Freelance Web Developer you have to learn some certain language like HTML, CSS, JavaScript & jQuery, Responsive Design, Bootstrap, PHP etc. You have to learn these languages serially.

web Development

HTML for Web Development
HTML is a markup language. It is used to mark up the website. Where will be header section, there will be a sidebar, where will be the footer section these are marked up with HTML. Actually, as a Freelance Web Developer, you have to learn the language to divide each part of the website.

CSS for Web Development

The next language which is used for web designing is CSS. The Freelance Web Developers have to use the language to design the part which has been marked with HTML. What will be its background color, what will be the size of the images, what font will be used for the texts these type of activities are done with CSS.  So, CSS is like makeup for a website.

JavaScript & jQuery

After learning HTML and CSS, you have to learn JavaScript and jQuery. The Freelance Web Developers have to use this language to make the website indoor active. For example, when someone does comment or like in Facebook then you get the notification. The function of your getting notification is an indoor activity. Generally, when you will design a website, you will add different indoor activity including slideshow. To add these activities you have to learn JavaScript and 


jQuery is an important language for web development. So to be a Freelance Web Developer, you have to have good command on the language.

Responsive Design Fundamental

Generally, the visitors visit a website from different device like a laptop, smartphone, tablet etc. So, it is essential to make it responsive so that visitors can easily and nicely see the website from all kinds of devices. Otherwise who use a tablet, a smartphone cannot see the website properly. Because it will be broken.  But when a Freelance Web Developer will make your website responsive then visitors can easily see the content of the website from any kind of device.


After completing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery, Responsive Design, you have to learn Bootstrap.    Bootstrap is a popular Front-end framework.  Most of the clients and company recommend using this framework in their project. Thus, the Freelance Web Developers have to learn this framework very well. After learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQurery, this framework will be very easy for you to learn.

Scripting Language

As a Freelance Web Developer, when you will complete your learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jquery, and Bootstrap then you have to learn server side scripting language so that you can make your site dynamic and functional. There are many kinds of a server-side scripting language like PHP, RUBY, PYTHON, NODE JS etc.

Which language you will learn?

You have to select any one of these languages. Don’t try to learn all the languages at a time. Then you will not be able to learn perfectly any one of them. I recommend you to learn PHP. Many largest companies are using this language. For example, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Facebook are using this scripting language. Before learning PHP or PYTHON I recommend you to learn C programming. Because C Programming is a mother language. If you can learn C programming, learning other languages will be easy for you. So to become a perfect Freelance Web Developer, you have to learn the ‘C‘ programming language.

WordPress or Laravel

After learning PHP, you have to learn Word Press or Laravel. 35% to 40% website of the whole world are being operated with WordPress. And 60% of e-commerce sites are being operated with Woocommerce which is a plugin of WordPress. Actually, WordPress has a big online market. Thus if you learn WordPress after learning PHP then it will provide you a better opportunity in the online market. Laravel is another a popular framework like WordPress. So, you can also learn Laravel. But I will recommend you to learn WordPress.


The next item is Git. Git is a software version control system. You have to learn it to do update your website regular basis and to do the smooth experience of the software users. Another advantage of learning Git is that you will be able to remain connected with your team from any part of the world. That means it will give the opportunity of connecting with your team remotely. If you don’t learn Git, you will remain lock in your office or home from where you are working. It will save you much time. So, you have to learn Git if you really want to be a Freelance Web Developer.

UI/UX Design

UI/UX design is another important term for being a Freelance Web Developer.  UI/UX means designing software with Photoshop or Illustrator. There are some learners who learn only UI/UX design but don’t learn to code. Again there are some learners who learn to code but don’t learn UI/UX design. However, if you really want to be a dedicated Front-end Developer then you have to learn both sides. It will make your value multiple times more than others. But if you want to be a Back-end Developer then you need not to learn UI/UX design. In this regard, you have concentrated much on the scripting language like PHP, PYTHON, RUBY, NODE JS etc. But you have the knowledge about the basic Front-end language like HTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery etc.

SEO Knowledge for a Freelance Web Developer

Besides these, you have basic knowledge about SEO. Because SEO is important for ranking a website. Though we know a website ranks for its content. It also depends on how the coding of the website is done. So, when you will make a website for your client or for a company then you have to do coding SEO  friendly so that the site comes to Google rank easily. Therefore you should have the idea of using the SEO friendly tag like heading tag, subheading tag, an anchor tag. Because these are very important for SEO. Learning SEO is not a tough matter. Rather it’s very easy.

Photoshop Knowledge

Last, of all, you have to learn basic Photoshop. The knowledge of how to cut and crop image helps you at the time of coding. Whether you are a Front-end developer or Back-end developer, you must have the knowledge of Photoshop. When the designer submits a design then you have to separate the different part and integrate those in software. According to this serial, learn all these then you will be a professional Freelance Web Developer.

 Opportunities of a Freelance Web Developer

Let’s learn what the benefits and opportunities of a   Web Developer are in the online and offline market.

Number one you will be able to work as a Freelance Web Developer in different Softwares and Technology Companies.  You will be able to manage the website of the company or you will make a website for the clients of the companies.

The second opportunity is in the freelancing market. In the freelancing marketplace, the Web Developer has a great demand. Because there is no such a company who has no need website.  Almost all kinds of companies like- small, large, and the medium company need apps or websites. To present their service online and to sell their product to the customers, a website is inevitable for a company. By giving your support to these company as a Freelance  Web Developer, you can build an excellent career.

Number three, you can launch a software company by yourself and you can offer software-related service to different companies. So, there is no deficiency of opportunity of a web developer. Only you have to do the work seriously.

You can learn all these things properly and easily from I hope that this guideline will help you to be a professional Freelance Web Developer.

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