How To Remove Frustration from your life?

How to remove frustration – from life is a common question of most of the people. Before answering the question I would like to explain what is frustration and why does it come to our life. 

  What is frustration?

Frustration means the feeling of anger for not getting the desired thing or for not being successful or for not doing the work according to expectation. It is a negative feeling which destroys the hope for better and spoils our confidence. Sometimes we work hard to be succeeded but for some reasons, we become a failure as a result we become frustrated. But, actually we don’t know the main reason for this failure.
In such a situation, most of the people just quit the job or give up hope for success.

What should we do in such a situation?

There are many ways to overcome this divesting feeling. 

1. Asking yourself what is needed to do in such a situation.

When you will see your mind is filled with negative feelings like- it is not possible for you or such a job is not for you or you are not so meritorious to do the job correctly. And consequently, you will say to your- self to give up the hope of performing the job. 
In such a situation, you can change your mindset only adopting some techniques. And self-questioning is one of them. In such a condition, you have to just control your emotion/anger and ask yourself “what should I do now in this condition?” Then you will get answer from your heart and if you do the work according to the direction of that then it will help you to overcome this bad feelings and also show you the way of success.

2.            Keeping a note book to enroll accomplishments.

To remove frustration note down everything which you performed in one month. You can do it weekly or monthly basis. When you will do that you will be surprised to see what you have done in one month. If you understand that there is not so many remarkable tasks in the list, it will open your eyes to the fact that you may be procrastinating more than working or you have used too much of your energy going to many directions.  It will show you how much time you have wasted to start the work. It will also show you about your weak point and help to focus on where you should work harder to get success. Hopefully, you will get many items in your list which will help you to remove frustration and move forward with confidence.

3.           Concentrate on what you want to get

Don’t think in an unorganized way. Rather think on a specific subject which is your desired outcome. Sometimes you get wrapped up in one problem and try to solve that forgetting what you are mainly trying to perform. In this situation don’t ask yourself, “What did this happen for?” Because it will not give you a solution to the problem. Rather the important thing is to know the answer to the questions-
(a) What do you want to get at this time?
(b) What is essential to do to get this?

4.          Be cool and simple

At the time of solving a problem, various types of thoughts will come to your mind. In this circumstance, you may be confused with these thoughts and you may fail to take decision what way you should follow for the solution. At that point, you should avoid such unnecessary clutter, noisy thoughts and you should be cool and simple and take a little time to take a decision in the cool brain to remove frustration.
At the time of working on a project, you may be offered by different types of easy and shortcut way for the solution. You should not be tempted with these offers. Because there is no short cut way for real success. Thus, only by working hard and giving sufficient time to a project you can expect desired success and consequently, the success will remove frustration from your life.

 5.          Multiple options

You need not to fear thinking that there is no other option to get success. Rather think that you have multiple options to do the work. If one method is not work then you have a chance to choose other options. Thus, you should not feel like you are trapped in one negative situation. You have lots of options to make you feel better. Just figure out the best direction from your list and go for it. This will help you to remove frustration.

6.         To remove frustration don’t stop working

When you are in serious frustration with a problem, you lose interest to work on it anymore. It’s really frustrating and it will make your life painful. It will destroy the hope for future and success become unreachable to you. But, if you can keep steps forward, you will perhaps make it past this temporary hump. As Thomas Edison said, “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up” and “Surprises and reverses can serve as an incentive for great accomplishment.”

 7.          Don’t delay to start again

The other thing that we spend our time worrying about failure. But, it is nothing but a waste of time and energy. Because it does not give us anything and it is a barrier to go forwards. On the other hand, if you start your work again then you will find that there is no reason of worried. It will remove frustration from your life and you will get enthusiasm for work and you will be confident.

8.          Visualize a positive result

Most of the time we think about a negative result or about the situation which we don’t want to happen. If you notice the life of athletes, you will see that they all the time imagine that they are performing flawlessly. There is no room for failure in their minds. This imagination helps them to perform flawlessly and they achieve their desired goal. Similarly, you will also be successful by following this positive imagination therapy. So, see yourself getting your expected result. How will it look? How will it feel? What will you say? How will you feel? Spend some time to visualize it and really feel it. It will inspire you to continue moving forward and you will be able to remove frustration.

9.          Positive attitude

At the first time, the problem will seem to be worst. But after some time, you will see that the problems are not so bad as they first appeared. They seemed worse because you were tired or mentally stressed. Taking a break and a sense of humor can also help to come out from such a negative feeling. A positive mind can easily get the answer for a solution to the problem than a negative mind. A closed mind cannot find the possible solutions. So, all time try to remain positive then it will help to remove frustration.


As there is life, there are so many problems. But, for that reason, we should not be upset. Because, as there are so many problems, there are more options than the problems to solve them. So, first, identify the problems then decides a plan, focus and then take action.
 By applying the above steps you will find that you are running into fewer problems and feeling less frustration. Rather you will see that you are running into opportunities and you know actually how to get the advantage of them.

Hope that this writing will help you to remove frustration from your life and you will be able to lead a frustration free successful life.

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