How to learn SEO free from online ?

No fear to learn SEO free from online                       

Before going to start any work first we feel fear thinking that I cannot do the work properly. And ask ourselves, “Will I be able to do the work exactly?” For instance, there are so many people who want to be a freelancer. Some of them want to learn SEO to start freelancing as an SEO worker. But most of them feel fear to learn SEO. I want to tell them that SEO learning is not a hard task at all. Rather it is one of the easiest works in the realm of freelancing profession. And we can learn SEO free from online.

What is SEO and how to learn SEO free?

The elaborate form of SEO is search engine optimization. Search engine means the engine which helps to find out something. And optimization means to supervise or analysis. That means the search engine will analysis your website and will rank it according to the result of the analysis. It will also help to increase traffic/visitors to your website. So, to improve your website/blog site you can learn SEO free from online. 

How to work the search engine?

Search engine optimization basically works on the basis of ‘on page optimization’ and ‘off page optimization’. So, let us discuss the on-page optimization and off page optimization.

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 What is on page optimization?

On-page, optimization is basically related to link our website to Google by submitting domain name and giving permission to analysis your website to Google. And then gradually create an account to and verify our site ownership. Then you will be able to learn much information about your website including ranking. Then we have to verify our website to Google webmaster tool and Google analytics. For this purpose, we have to go to  and sign up. For this, we have to fill up a form and then you will see two options to verify your site to Google. One is to upload your file and the other through the Alternate method. This all system you can learn SEO free from online courses. 
If we click on upload file then it will show a file for downloading. We have to upload the downloaded file. We may do the task in two way (i) using FileZilla software (ii) using the Cpanel file manager. For the first process, we have to open FileZilla software. And upload the file public HTML folder.

How to upload?

For uploading the file open FileZilla software. Then fill up the form like Host:              Username: your user name password: your password   Then click on the quick connect.  Then click on the public HTML file and upload the selected file.
The second way is easier than the first one. We have to click on the alternate method. Then we have to copy the meta HTML code and have to go to the website’s dashboard. Then click on the  Appearance→editor→header.php→<header> paste the meta tag here</header>. To find the header tag you can take help of (ctrl+f) then you will get a search box. If you write <header> in the box then it will show you header by marking the word. You can paste the meta tag just after the <header> or before </header>. After pasting the meta tag you have to click on the button update theme. Then you will see ‘the HTML is edited successfully’. In this way, your website will be verified to Google webmaster tool. Besides this googlemap.xml will also be verified with the webmaster tool in the same process.

What is keyword research and why we need to do the research?

 Keyword research is one of the most important subjects for SEO. Here we can use or Google keyword/keyword planner. Here we can use instead of keyword planner because providing more clear result than 

In fine 
Ok, this is all for this writing. Hopefully, it will help you to get a little idea about on page optimization. If you think it is an informative and easy method for on-page optimization then you are invited to read my second article on SEO about off pageoptimization.

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