How to improve your Web Designing Skill for freelancing job?

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Web Designing Skills

Web designing skills – is an essential asset for those who want to start their career as a web designer. Most of the freelancers want to be a web designer.  Because it is one of the most attractive jobs for them. 

In the era of change, it is inevitable to have a website for each company. And for this reason, the demand for web designers are increasing day by day. A professional web designer has many types of online earnings opportunities. A web designer can earn much more money than any other profession. So, if you want to be a professional web designer then you have to improve your web designing skills.

What is web design?

Today I want to discuss the topic of web design. Actually, I would like to share my idea about web design for those who want to learn web design or who are the beginners in this sector. Web design implies designing a website. In the age of information technology, when we need any information, we generally search it in Google, or YouTube, or on Facebook. These all are websites. These websites are designed by someone. These websites have different types of color, structure, and menu bar. A website is designed with the combination of all these things. Thus, you will be able to design such websites only when you will learn web designing skills.

What skills are essentials for being a web designer?

If you want to be a professional web designer then you have to learn the followings for improving his web designing skills.
  •  Graphic design
  •   HTML
  •   CSS
  •   Java script
  •    jQuery
  •    Bootstrap
  •     PHP
  •     Word Press

When you learn the above-mentioned topic then you will be a web designer. 

Graphic Design for web designing

If you have learned Graphic design then learning website design will be easy for you. Learning Adobe Photoshop you can design the appearance of a website. Besides Adobe Illustrator is another software for the decoration of your website. But to make your website really meaningful, you have to learn HTML which is the most important for your web designing skill.


To be a web designer at first you have to learn the coding language HTML. HTML implies HyperText Markup Language. You can make a body or structure of a website with this language. Where will be the header section, where will be the sidebar section and where will be footer section these are all marked up with this language? So, you have to learn it to divide each part of a website.
The easy way of learning HTML is watching video tutorials. So, just go to YouTube and search web design related tutorials. You will get many channels. You should select 2/3 channels and start to watch tutorials from there. You have to watch the tutorials and at the same time practice those. In this way, after completing 2o/ 3o tutorials you will be able to learn HTML. To improve your web designing skill HTML is inevitable. 


After learning HTML, you have to learn CSS.  Now you may ask the question, what is CSS? 

The answer to the question- CSS is the main tool for making a website attractive and excellent to look at. The CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. This language is used for designing the part which has been done with HTML.  The background color, image size, font type all are determined with this language. Actually, it is like the makeup of a website.  You can learn CSS for free from YouTube. Numerous tutorials on CSS are available on YouTube. You can also learn it from W3 schools. 

For advanced learning, you can go to a reputed training center. I recommend you to get the basic idea from YouTube first then go to a training center for learning advanced level. I think the necessity of the training center is not a less important matter for improving your web designing skill.

When you will have completed the learning of HTML and CSS then you will be able to make a static website with these two languages. Now, it is time for you to learn JavaScript for going to advance level like a web developer.


It is essential to learn the programming language for making a complete website. For this purpose, you have to learn JavaScript, PHP, and MYSQL etc.
JavaScript is called a scripting language. It is a very powerful program.  A website becomes dynamic with the help of JavaScript. The users could not contact you through your website which was made only with HTML and CSS. Because there was no interaction there. But with JavaScript, you can do interaction with your users.

Suppose when any user does a form fill-up and submit that then a popup window will appear with a message like you have submitted successfully. Such kind of popup window is made with JavaScript. So you must have to learn this language if you really want to learn web design properly. Because, JavaScript can work for both sides- between clients and server site. It makes a website indoor active.  It can process data taking from the users and send it to the server site. You can learn this scripting language watching video tutorials from YouTube. By learning these languages, your web designing skills will be improved gradually. 


You have already learned three language-HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Now you have to learn JQuery. JQuery is a very important program for increasing your web designing skills.  JQuery is basically the library of JavaScript. You can do the very nice task with JQuery like photo gallery, slideshow etc. You can learn it with the help of written and video tutorials from online.


After learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery, you have to learn Bootstrap. Bootstrap is a popular Front-end framework. Generally, most of the clients and companies will tell you to use this framework in their website. For this reason, you have to learn this language perfectly. After completing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery, this framework language will be very easy to learn. And if you can learn Bootstrap then you will be a web designer. But for learning, you have to be dedicated. And only dedication can help you to improve your web designing skill.

Concentrate on Web Designing Skill

You have to be a devotee for learning web design. If you try to learn many subjects at a time like one topic is in the morning and another is in the evening then you cannot learn anything. If you really want to learn web design then you have work full time for at least 6 months being fully dedicated. Only then your web designing skill will be successful in this profession.

The demand for a web designer

An experienced web designer has a great demand as a freelancer throughout the world. He has many types of online earnings opportunities.  At the early stage you may earn a little amount but if you continue your job and become an experienced web designer then you will be able to earn thousands dollar. But, you should bear in mind that you have learned the work perfectly with dedication and improve your web designing skill. Otherwise, you cannot expect to earn according to your expectation.

The present situation of web designing profession

At present most of the business is being conducted based on online, or the business has a powerful presence in online. This presence of the business in online has increased the opportunities of the web designers. Because each company or business has to have a website. So, it can be said clearly that if you can learn the work perfectly then you need not think about your earning for future life. But for that, you have to improve your web designing skill.

Hope that this discussion will help you understand about the web design and its demand in the online marketplace. |So, to do well in the market place first you have to improve your web designing skill

No more today. Remain well. Stay with creative work and prepared by yourself for your favorite profession.

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