How to Become a Freelancer for online job?

How to become a freelancer?

 How to Become a Freelancer – is a common question of those who want to earn money through the online job. Nowadays, we all know that one can build a handsome career by freelancing. You can also build a successful career through freelancing. But for that purpose proper guideline is essential for you.  I will try my best to show the guidelines through this article. Hope that it will help you to become a freelancer.

What do the freelancers do?

At first, I want to tell you about the activities of the freelancers. Basically, they are the contractor. First, they learn very well one or more than one task and then they sell their services to their clients through the online marketplace. So, if you want to build a sustainable career in freelancing world with which you can generate a lifetime income then you have to learn one or more than one skill like other successful freelancers. So, to become a freelancer you have to be skilled first. 

Freelancing Marketplace

To become a  freelancer you have to know which marketplaces are most popular in the online world and which type of jobs are suitable and which will be continued lifetime. You have already got the basic conception of freelancing that the freelancers are contractors and they earn money by selling their product or services to their clients through marketplaces. Now, let’s learn about the most popular and reliable marketplaces. Upwork, Freelancer and Fiverr is the most popular and suitable marketplace in the world.

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What types of jobs have in the freelancing marketplaces?

Now, you have to learn what types of jobs have in the marketplaces and which of them are suitable and sustainable. And how can you learn these jobs? In this writing, I will show you complete guidelines about it so that you can develop a sustainable career in the freelancing industry.

If you visit the marketplaces like,,, and so on, you will find many jobs in different categories.  For example, web design, web development, graphic design, SEO, content writing, digital marketing and so on are the most common and leading jobs in the marketplaces.  So, if you really want to become a freelancer, you have to learn one of the above-mentioned works.

 What job do you need to learn to Become a Freelancer?

Many learners suffer from indecision about what skill he will learn? Which job will help him to build a successful career? If you visit the marketplaces then you will see the different type of jobs. 

If you like to work with web design and development then you can choose it as your career. Again if you like drawing then you may choose the graphic design. If you have interest in writing then you can choose content writing job as your profession. First, you have to learn only one task and you have learned that very sincerely to be skilled in this work. If you learn any job properly then you can earn much money by selling your skill and services. And it is the main formula which will help you to become a freelancer. 

Many freelancers are doing income in this way. Some of them are working on web design and development, some are on graphic design, and some are working on SEO and content writing. But for that, you have to be really skilled. By these skills, you will be able to earn thousands of dollar from the online marketplaces. Though the first time, it will be very tough for you to choose which skill you should learn. Because we all want to earn much within a short time. But to become a freelancer you should choose the shortcut way. Rather you have to spend sufficient time to learn the selected work properly.

The demand for these jobs in the freelancing market.

This is the most common question of the beginners what is the best job for the freelancing market. The reality is that every job is demand-able in the online market. Whether you learn computer programming, or graphic design, or logo design, or content writing, each of them is very essential in the online world. Because there is no company which has no website. There is no company who does not need a logo. And the content is called the soul of a website. So, its importance is undeniable. 

Again graphic design is essential for designing different banner, the image of the different product and for product presentation. Website owners hire content writers for writing content on their websites. So, if you are interested in graphic design then you can learn graphic design. And if you like to do code then you can learn web design and development. If you have interest in writing then you can learn content writing. So,  select one task and work hard on the task to become a freelancer.

I will recommend you to visit different marketplaces to improve your conception and take decision according to it. When you will visit different categories it will help you to realize what will be better for you to become a freelancer.

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Research yourself on your freelancing job

Choosing the right subject is a very difficult task. It is also a matter of research. So, you have to research yourself whether you learn graphic design or web design or content writing or affiliate marketing. These all are skills. You have to learn any one of these skills very sincerely to become a freelancer.

Where will you learn the freelancing skill?

Many institutes are teaching these skills. So, to become a freelancer, you should get admitted to an institution to acquire basic knowledge about the job. Then you have to improve yourself by practicing much. Besides, there are thousands of video tutorials on YouTube about these jobs. You can learn many things about your job by watching these videos. You can also learn your task by reading blogs which are available online. If you use these resources and instructions then you can be a successful freelancer within a very short time.

How much time is needed to Become a Freelancer?

 If you want to build a sustainable career in these online marketplaces then you have to spend a certain period of time for learning your skill. You know at present getting a job is very tough. Even after studying 20/25 years a student does not get a good job. Whereas, you can earn thousands of dollar doing the job online. If you do not spend one or two years for learning it properly then here you also cannot do well.

Concentrate on your job confidently

Though one needs much time and hard labor to learn this job, anyone can learn it if he confidently chooses one job and concentrates on it. As I have chosen Graphic Design and learned it. So, you also should choose one job and concentrate on it to become a freelancer.

You may be busy with a job, or study, or business. Whatever you do, if you spend some time every day beside your main profession to learn something or the topic you are going to learn then one day you will see that you have learned many things which you didn’t know before one month. So, you must take the time to learn properly. You won’t be able to do any good thing in 3 or 6 months. You must have to invest one or two years continuously to learn your particular freelancing job.  And only then you will be able to build an excellent career in the online marketplace as well as you can earn money doing the job from your home. And when you will have developed one skill then it will make many ways for you to make money online like YouTube video making, launching a website and so on. So, confidence is an important element to become a freelancer.

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Choose one topic to Become a Freelancer

First, start to learn one subject. Do not try to learn two or three subjects at a time. Whether it is graphic design or web design or other subjects. Choosing one subject to start your learning journey. It may take one or two years. It doesn’t matter. But if you can build a better career then it will give you a lifetime financial support. So, visit marketplaces and search a suitable job for you. Think which topic is favorite to you and which job will be enjoyable for you. And start to learn the task as your hobby besides your main job. Then one day you will see you have developed your skill. The better you can learn, the better rate you can charge from your clients. So there is no alternative of learning much to become a freelancer.

How can you develop your skill to Become a Freelancer?

If your knowledge is zero about freelancing and online marketplace then first watch related YouTube video tutorials to acquire basic knowledge on it. You should acquire knowledge only on your chosen subject through video tutorials. For this purpose, you have to watch as many videos as possible to become a freelancer.

Overcome your weakness in English

If you are weak in English then it will be better for you to get admitted to an institute and do a course on it. Then practice it in your home. In this way, you will go forward soon. It will help to understand the work easily. Because your reading skill will help you to learn your topic from the blog and your listening skill will help you to learn from video tutorials. So, you can learn your skill freely with these resources. You may not need English in your personal life. But in your professional life, job, corporate life English is used widely. Everything of the freelancing world is in English. Even if you want to email someone then you have to know English. So, you have to allow some time for learning English to become a freelancer

Learn topic related to English to Become a Freelancer

You need not learn English 100% perfectly. You need to learn only your topic related to English. If you want to work with the graphic design then you need to read graphic- related blogs. You can take note of the words which are unknown to you.  You have to know or memorize the meaning of the words so that you can realize the other blog even the same words come again. Again I remind, you need only communication skill. It is not necessary for you to learn English 100% perfectly. Because the clients will come to buy your service, not your English skill. However, if you want to be a content writer then you have to learn English perfectly.

Premium course for freelancing

Besides these, there is a premium course on it. All successful freelancers do these premium courses. I recommend you to do the course from a reputed institution. The more you will learn, the more you will be benefited. Then practice yourself at your home. Those who are successful in freelancing career, they have become experienced by practicing themselves. And they are earning much from online marketplaces. So,  to become a freelancer, learn gradually by following the steps mentioned below:
  • ·        Visit marketplaces to select your subject
  • ·        Take the basic idea from YouTube.
  • ·        Acquire basic knowledge from a reputed institution.
  • ·        Practice much by yourself to be an expert.

Follow the profiles of successful freelancers

Find out the successful freelancers’ profile who are working on your chosen topic. Search them on Facebook and follow their profile. Sometimes they share their work on Facebook.  You can start practicing through following their work. There is no offense in following an expert. To develop your skill you can copy the work of an expert. But you cannot upload it anywhere. You can copy these only for practicing. 

If you are a graphic designer then find out who are effective graphic designers. Then remain connected to their Facebook pages. You can also remain connected to their YouTube channels. Observe their works and try to copy them. In this way, you can develop your skill and will be able to do unique designs. This is an effective way which you should follow to become a freelancer.


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My first and foremost recommendation for you to build the best career in the freelancing industry is to visit online marketplaces and see all the categories and select a job. And try to learn the job sincerely.  It may take a long time to learn properly but you should not be impatient. Start to learn the task with the full determination that you will learn the job to become a freelancer

You should not try to learn two or three tasks at a time. Thus, first, watch some video tutorials related to your subject from YouTube to get basic conception about the subject. Then get admitted to an institution for acquiring basic knowledge about your job. After that, start practicing at your home to be experienced and expert on this subject to become a freelancer. You have to bear in mind that you cannot start earning just after completing a course from an institution. It only gives you guideline but you have to be an expert by yourself.

Hope that these guidelines will help you to be a successful freelancer.

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