How to be a confident person in your workstation?

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Confidence is the key to success for any job. And for this reason, everybody wants to become a confident person

Every person in the world wants to be considered to all especially to his colleagues at his working place. So, to fulfill this desire he/she should have qualities like the followings:
·        Be active in your workplace.
·        Remove idleness.
·        Work for others.
·        Follow the order of the boss.
·        Give Salam (greetings) to all.
·        Try to speak smilingly with all.
·        Avoid criticism.
·        Don’t speak one’s speech to others.

     Be active in the workplace to become a confident person:

Active men are liked by all and on the contrary lazy persons are disliked by all. So, to get respect from your co-workers, you have to be active in your workplace. Don’t waste your time gossiping or criticizing others. Rather, use this time in some constructive work. Even if you see that there is no work in your hand, then also you should remain busy with some extra work like knowing the rules and regulation of your institution. And the government rules for the job. You can also read a newspaper to know the current affairs of the world to upgrade yourself. Besides, you can write articles on different topics related to your job like ‘How to improve your institution’. This quality will help you to become a confident person.

  Remove idleness to become a confident person:

Idleness is the key to failure. And no one like an idle man. So, to be popular with your colleagues you have to be industrious. You have to remain busy with some works. However, sometimes we do not find any work to do. Then, you should think for a moment and find out your work and make a list of your works which is called ‘to do list’. If you can work following the list you will be succeeded and you will be able to reach to your goal very easily. In this way, you will become a confident person.

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Work for others to become a confident person:

Who will do for others, Allah (God) will do for them. So, we have to try to do well for others. Besides, when you will do something for others then they will be pleased to you and they will also try to do something as a return. But we should not help others for getting a reward. Rather, we should do that unselfishly. This quality will help you to become popular with your office staffs. It will also help to build a good relationship with others and also help you to become a confident person. Besides, when you will do something with your genuine love. They will also return you, genuine love. Because love begets love. Again, it has a beneficial side too. When you will help you doing their task then you have to remain busy. So, your time will spend in good feelings. It will make your mind fresh which is essential for removing idleness from your body and mind.
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Follow the order of your boss:

All-time, try to do your duty, according to the instructions of your boss. Sometimes you may see that you are to do the work in the absence of your boss as a result then you have no chance to get the instruction from your boss. In such a situation, you have to do the work considering the likings and disliking of your boss. Always we have to bear in mind that the boss is always right. If you want to be popular in your workplace, then first you have to be popular with your boss. If you can get the favor of your boss, you will be a considerable person in the office. So, don’t oppose your boss as well as don’t say ‘No’ to your boss. If you do accordingly, you will become a confident person in your workplace.

 Give Salam (greetings) to all:

Salam means peace. By giving Salaam we pray for peace to God for each other. So, it helps to establish peace among the giver and receiver. It also helps to build a good relationship with your colleagues. So, don’t hesitate to give Salam (greetings) to all whether he/she is superior or inferior to you. If you can continue this practice regularly it will make you popular with your co-workers and all colleagues will love you and respect you. And then you will become a confident person.
 If you want to get honor from others, you have to give honor them first. On the other hand, if you neglect others then be ready to be neglected by others. For such behavior, you must be insulted much more severely by others today or tomorrow. So, don’t show arrogance to others. Because no one likes an arrogant manner. 

   Try to speak smilingly:

A smiling face is a lovely medium for winning the hearts of your companions. It is liked by all. On the contrary, no one likes a gloomy or angry-faced man. So, to get love from others try to speak with a smiling face and win the hearts of your co-workers. Thus, to make your position in the heart of your colleagues, try to hang a smile in the corner of your lips.

Avoid criticism about others:

No one likes that anyone speaks ill of him/her in his/her presence or absence. Such practice is responsible for making quarrels. Thus, this type of persons is hated by all. So, to be respected by others we should avoid this practice. So, to become a confident person you must have to avoid criticism.

Don’t speak one’s speech to another:

There some persons in the world who want to be good to one person by express other’s secret speech or event. This is a very heinous task. These type of people are hated by all.  So, we have to refrain from such bad practice. 
Thus, by doing this above task we may make us a popular and considerable person in our working place as well as in our society.  
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