How to apply modern method of teaching to make your class interesting

modern method of teaching

Every teacher in the world wants his students will learn their lesson with full attention. They will concentrate on their class. But in most cases, this wanting is not fulfilled. Because their mind wants to move outside the classroom. They do not want to confine in the four walls. As a result, you will see that you are teaching but they are not paying attention to your lecture. 

You will find that they are not interested in your class.  This is nothing but a shameful matter for a teacher. No one wants to face such an unexpected situation. So, to solve the problem you have to apply a modern method of teaching so that they don’t feel boring in your class rather they can receive their learning with fun activities.
Again if the students do not pay attention in their class then they will not be able to learn the lesson and absorb the information. This is a problem. And the teachers should find out the way to solve the problem. I think the modern method of teaching is the salient solution to this problem. If a teacher can make his class interesting to the students then the students will be interested in his class as well as they concentrate on the class and receive the learning with fun activities.

 How can we make the class interesting?

For decades educators have been trying to apply new teaching technique to make their students interested and excited about learning. Though some techniques fail, some others are found to be fruitful. From them, some methods of teaching are presented here which are essential to make the class interesting to the students so that they will remain engaged at all times.

 1.        Make class interactive

Generally, we see that the teacher stands in front of the students and deliver a lecture and the students listen to him and take notes from the lecture. But this method of teaching is boring, lifeless and so it is backdated. On the other hand, the class will be lively if we make the lesson interactive by involving students in the lesson. In this interactive system(modern method of teaching), the students will ask the relevant question to the teacher and the teacher will illustrate it. As well as the teacher will ask the question to the students and they will give an answer. If they fail to answer then the teacher make it clear to the students. As a result, the lesson will be interesting to the students and they will engage in full time in the class and so they will not be unmindful in the class. In this way, we can make a positive environment for their learning with fun activities.

2.       Mix some mystery into your teaching style

Learning can be more interesting when you make it a mystery. It will be more fun when the students don’t know what is going to happen or what is the outcome of the lesson? At the last time when you will disclose the mystery then they will be surprised and feel interested in the class and to the teacher who adopts this method of teaching. So this is an interesting way to make your lesson mysterious, and you will notice that the students are looking forward to finding out what they are going to learning about.

3.       Give importance to the student’s choice

One of the strategies of teaching is to give importance to the student’s own choice when it comes to learning. The choice is a very powerful motivator as it helps to cherish student interest. According to research when teachers craft effective choices for children it offers them a sense of control, competence, and purpose.
In brief, giving students the chance to choose what or how they will learn, you are exercising students’ interest which is a great motivator. You should use this modern method of teaching to make your class lively.

4.      No repetition of classroom material

Teaching aids or classroom material are very important for effective teaching but the repetition of these materials may be boring to the students. Though it is essential to review classroom material, you should not repeat it as this may create monotonous feeling to the students. If the next time you require to review the same materials then try to make sure to show the materials in a new system, not the same system that you showed these for the first time. 

5.      Make classroom games

The game is a nice way to make lessons interesting and funny to the students. By applying this modern method of teaching you can make the students interested in their lesson. Because when you will apply this method then they will not think learning is a load or boring rather they think it is a funny matter. And in this way, they will learn their lesson in fun. For example, if students need to exercise their math subject they play “Around the World” if they need to recall their spelling words then have a “Spelling Bee”. Actually, games make learning too much interesting and funny and where there are games, there are happy learners.

 6.      Use Technology in class

  Use of technology in class is an effective medium for making class interesting. Almost all the students are fond of using the electronic device. If they get an opportunity to use such a device for learning then they will learn their lesson interestingly using that device like a computer, tab, projector and so on. Thus, we should come out from the traditional method like deliver lecture standing in front of students. Rather, we should use a smart board, computer, and projector to teach them effectively. By using the projector we can show the students the videos of the lesson. For example, at the time of teaching about the earthquake, we can show the videos of the earthquake, the destroying power of the earthquake by showing the videos of destroyed regions by the earthquake. So, by applying technology in the classroom you can make concentrate your students easily and they will learn their lesson interestingly for the use of this modern method of teaching.
 modern method of teaching

 7.      Be friendly with your students

   As a teacher, you should not present yourself to the students as a fearful man. Because students do not feel interested to learn from such an angry and fearful teacher. Rather, they think him and his subject as a load and lose interest in the subject. On the other hand, those teachers are liked by all students who possess a smiling face. Who generally mix friendly with the students and try to solve their problems as a friend, as a guide, as an adviser. So, though teaching is a serious profession, you should not behave seriously with your students. Rather try to be friendly with them which is a part of the modern method of teaching.

 8.      Describe the lesson’s relation to the students’ lives.

   Illustrate the result of the lesson to make your student’s conception clear about the learning’s connection to the real world. Describe the necessity of the lesson to go to the practical world. In this way, you will be able to satisfy their curiosity about the usefulness of the learning. Moreover, you will be able to increase their concentration on the topic what you are teaching to the students. For example: if your topic is money, then tell them, “You are learning about money because you need to learn how to use the money to survive in the practical world. You need to know how to use the money to buy anything.” Describing the answer you will help them to increase their interest in learning. This is also a part of the modern method of teaching.

9.      Flipped classroom method

   A flipped classroom is one of the most effective methods for making learning interesting to the students. This method of teaching has gained credibility since the term “Flipped” come to the world of education in 2012. The main idea of the method is that student will learn information at home and use the class hour for critical thinking activities and strengthen conception was unheard of. Many teachers are using this modern method of teaching and getting wonderful feedback. In this way, the teachers are now able to make the students work at their own speed and engage them with their mates in the interactive and meaningful way in the classroom. So, try to use the ‘Flipped’ teaching method to make your students more engaged to the learning, because perhaps this the most effective tool to engage your students to learn which you are looking for making the learning interesting.

 1o. Think outside of the traditional method

   Try to make the change in your lesson plan. Come out from the monotonous method where the teachers deliver their lecture standing in front of the students and they take notes.
   Try to do something new method of teaching which is quite different from the old strategy. Like you can invite a guest speaker and take your students outside the classroom for teaching practice. If you try to do something new and special, then you will see your students will respond lightly. So, at the time of making your lesson plan for future class try to collaborate with other teachers or take your students on a virtual field trip. Learning does not have to be annoying in order to be fruitful. Your students will be more interested to learn when it will be presented to them in a variety and different systems. 

As a teacher, you just want to make your teaching interesting to the students. And for this purpose, you have to apply the modern method of teaching. Hope that these methods will help you to make your class interesting to your students. 

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