How to achieve success in life?


All of us want to achieve success in life. But most of the time we become failure­­­­­­­ to get the expected thing. Why? why we fail to be successful?

The reason for our failure?

Actually, to be successful first we have to be an optimist for success. But after taking some attempts to achieve it when we fail to reach the goal then we become upset. And this frustration frustrates all of our attempts.
There are so many reasons for our failure. The pessimistic feeling is one of them and it is the most powerful negative feeling which hinders to lead a normal life. The main cause of the pessimistic feeling is that we do not think about what we have rather we think about what we do not have. We do not think about what we can do rather we think about what we cannot do.

Select one job to achieve success

There is no need to learn all kinds of work in the world. Instead of that learn the minimum number of tasks and learn to perform those very nicely. And which you will learn, try to learn that perfectly to achieve perfection on the job. Only then you will see that your action will bring success to your life.

Don’t delay to start your work

Again sometimes you will see that you understand 90% functions of your selected job. Then you may think that 10% of activities of the deed is unknown to you.  So, without completing the left 10% your knowledge is totally incomplete to you. And you will make the plan to learn the left knowledge first then you will start your job. That means only by being 100% perfect you will begin your work.
If you make a plan to do the business in such a way, it will make you delay to start the project. For this reason, you should give up such a plan to start work immediately. Because practice makes a man perfect. Thus, only when you practice much it will provide you perfection on the function. Because during doing the deed you can learn many things facing many relevant problems which help you to achieve success.

Learn from your practical work

So, you should change your view about the unknown 10% that you have to learn it instantly. However, I don’t tell you to leave the thought of learning the left function of course. You must master the left knowledge as far as possible. But you should leave such a plan that you have to learn it instantly and without knowing 100% you won’t start the task.
You may gain knowledge about the assignment at the time of performing the service. You may also comprehend the complicated part of the activity from the experts related to the job. Without taking such steps if you talk to yourself, ‘If it is possible to others, why not to me? So, I have to complete the learning first and only then I will start the work.”

Determine to achieve success

Ok, your determination is almost alright. You have to acquire complete knowledge. But the word instantly is nothing but rigidity. And you should avoid this rigidity to avoid repetition of failure, frustration, and repentance.  Because, if you try to do it immediately without investing sufficient time and taking help from the skilled and experienced people in the relevant sector, you will fail frequently. And the consequence result is the generation of frustration which will tell you ‘It is not possible for you.’

You are trying for hours after hours and sometimes days after days but don’t get any solution. But when you see that that the same problem is being solved within a very short time only by some click with the help of experts. Then you will understand that you have wasted valuable much time for nothing.

Try again and again to achieve success

However, it is not my suggestion to sit idly for getting help from the specialist without attempting to perform yourself. Rather at first try yourself at least three or four times. And at that time you may take help from a reference book or from video tutorials. If it is not done then put the work for next time and for taking assistance from an experienced person. In the meantime, you can continue performing the portion of the project which you know better. It will provide you perfection. And the project will reach its destination. And hope that in this way you will be able to build a handsome career and you will be a successful person.

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